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Peaky Blinders Season 4: Release Date, Expectations And All Things Shelbys!

BBC Two’s crime drama is having nothing shy of a spectacular run. This leaves the Peaky Blinders season 4 rife with expectations.

What started out as a glum and steady English drama took a drastic turn over the course of a couple of seasons. You know the show is doing well when streaming giants like Netflix try to cut in. In essence, Steven Knight and Cillian Murphy took an inspiration and crafted it into a thing of magnificence. With the impending Peaky Blinders Season 4, let’s brush up on what is in store for the Shelbys.

Peaky Blinders Season 4: Expectations; Possibilities

The Week does a retrospection on the series and weighs in the prospects for the upcoming season. Case in point, the protagonist Tommy Shelby’s interpreter Cillian Murphy has spoken in various platforms about the series’ filming status. Also, he’s of an opinion that Tommy is invincible in his own right. “Unafraid to die”, he says, speaking of Tommy’s convictions and disregard for his safety.

Considering there is at least a couple of seasons left for the show, a lot can happen, of course. For starters, the Shelbys can build a legitimate business and forfeit the illicit ones. As much as they’re trying to turn over a new leaf, ghosts of their past are constantly haunting them. Tommy’s wife was shot, son abducted and family apprehended – yet they stand resolute. Besides, their strong family roots and trust is keeping them ahead of the curve.

The trust is at stake at the moment. Tommy’s family members are in custody, thanks to the Russian affair going awry. A rogue organization got the better of the Shelbys, but not again. Not only will they tie up all the loose ends, but also see off their arch rivals. Contrary to that, there’s room for new associations too. Tom Hardy’s Alfie Solomons, for instance, might aid in Tommy’s future exploits.

Peaky Blinders Season 4: Release Date And More

For what it’s worth, the Shelby company might broaden its horizons. Paris may be or America even. By all means, the show will introduce new lands. In the light of Tommy’s words to Duchess Tatiana, he may well be buying a horse and train it. Before that, he has some cleaning up to do, however. He has to turn the tables on the family’s predicament and settle some scores.

Taking Cillian Murphy’s word for it, the filming is due to begin come March. That necessarily means that the new season will premiere next autumn on BBC Two. So far, there’s a green signal for only another season atop the fourth one. The decision to take it further vests with Steven and BBC. Until then, the stage is all Tommy’s!

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