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Outlander Star Caitriona Balfe Reveals Scenes From The Book Didn’t Make It To TV

Now on its third season, Outlander star Catriona Balfe revealed a juicy background about the show. Apparently, there have been some scenes from the book that did not make it to TV. Interested to find out why? Read on!

Outlander Cast Member Caitriona Balfe Shares Season 1 Secrets

According to a report from TV Line, there have been several scenes from the book that were cut from the TV show. The actress revealed this during the Emerald City Comic-Con last Friday. Apparently, Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander novel included a certain incident which was originally included as a scene on the show. However, things didn’t go smoothly when they were shooting the scene.

“We tried to do a scene where he gets attacked by dogs, but the actor actually got attacked by dogs,” she said. Adding to that, Balfe also said that it was the incident that led up to Claire’s fight against a pack of wolves while trying to get Jamie out of Wentworth Prison.

The exorcist-happy Father Bain, she explained during the panel, was supposed to have a scene where he crosses paths with a bunch of fierce dogs and one of which bites his leg. Claire offers to treat the wound, warning Father Bain of a possible infection, but the priest refuses, and limps away. Father Bain, however, later uses this against Claire during the witch trial, claiming the attack was orchestrated by her, and interpreting her warning as a witch’s curse.

Unfortunately, these scenes ended up being shelved following the accident of one of Balfe’s co-stars. Although, we can assume that actor Tim McInnerny turned out to be fine. At least, judging by the way both stars chuckled during the recent Comic-Con.

Outlander Season 3: Release Date, Story, What To Expect

Fans can expect Outlander to return by September this year. Racing Junky reports that Balfe also recently teased about Claire and Jamie’s reunion.

“I think, if anything, when Jamie and Claire get together again, their love is timeless and who they are inside is timeless,” the 37-year-old actress said during an interview.

The show will pick up from Season 2’s finale where Claire and Jamie showed the leading separate lives. Moreover, the upcoming show will be take after the novel Voyager. It will show Claire travel back in time to reunite with the love of her life.

Outlander season 3 returns to small screens on Starz network in September.

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