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Outlander Season 3: Everything You Need To Know About Season 3 And 4

After Outlander Season 3 and Season 4 have been confirmed, fans have been clamoring for more news about what happens to Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jaime (Sam Heughan). These two new seasons will be based on Diana Gabaldon’s Voyager and Drums of Autumn novels.

What we know so far is that there will be two new characters for the third season. It has been confirmed that Hannah James and Tanya Reynolds will play sisters Geneva and Isobel, respectively. According to Starz, as quoted by Den of Geek, Geneva is beautiful but headstrong and spoiled while Isobel is plain but warm and friendly.

Outlander Season 3 print shop scene

Gabaldon’s third Outlander book, Voyager, will see Claire return to 1766 Scotland to meet Jaime in a print shop. This was after ending Season 2 as a pregnant Claire and deciding to leave the 18th century to be with her first husband, Frank (Tobias Menzies). In Outlander Season 3, Claire and Jaime will reunite in the pivotal print shop scene.

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Outlander Season 3

Screen cap from the Twitter page of Outlander

In a tweet, Heughan hinted that he and Balfe are already shooting the print shop scene. He said: “Oh you know…. Just printing stuff.” It is still unknown when the print shop scene will be shown in Season 3. It is because both stars said they have been shooting separately for the earlier episodes. This may mean that we won’t see their reunion during the season’s early episodes.

Heughan earlier told Vanity Fair, as quoted by News Everyday, that it’s hard to shoot separately from Balfe because she is “a very good actress.” However, this separation helps in the emotions when they finally reunite for a scene.

The beginning of Outlander Season 3 will be a slight “deviation” from the book but the basic elements will be there, Heughan said.

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Scandals and release dates

When Voyager came out in 1993, it caused quite a stir because of a “rape” scene. In that part of the book, Geneva would say “no” to Jamie, but the book’s protagonist would go ahead and penetrate her anyway.

Fans are curious how this scene would be depicted in Season 3 because by classic definition, that was rape. Gabaldon, however, said the scene was not rape per se, and that it was developed “in response to a very limited cultural context.”

No premiere date has been announced yet for Outlander Season 3. It is usually shown around Spring, so we might be seeing it around April or May next year.

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