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Orphan Black Season 5 Teaser Trailer: What To Expect In Final Season

The Orphan Black season 5 teaser trailer has finally dropped. We’re not given much in this teaser – just a 15-second long graphic and voiceover. However, for fans of BBC America’s hard-hitting sci-fi drama, that’s more than enough to ramp up the excitement.

“We would die for each other,” the voice of Sarah Manning says, while an image of a railroad transforms into a DNA helix strand on the screen. “But we will live for each other,” her voice then concludes, as the show’s title appears. The phrase “The Final Trip” also appears, together with the release date: Sat, June 10.

Tatiana Maslany resumes her role as Sarah Manning and her clones. We can expect to see another set of outstanding performances from her multiple characters, especially since Orphan Black season 5 represents the show’s final season. That was something co-creator Graeme Manson confirmed as a creative decision, in a story by TV Line: “We think it’s cooler to cancel yourself than to get cancelled or peter out.”

What To Expect

So, what are we getting for the show’s final ten episodes?

Firstly, our first look at Stephen McHattie as Percy Westmoreland, the founder of Neolutions. Westmoreland’s appearance was teased at the end of season 4, and now Rachel gets the chance to meet him in person. This is a man who has been behind a massive segment of the show’s internal mythologies and sciences, so it’ll be interesting to see how he plays out. He won’t necessarily be a bad guy or a good guy, either – he’ll likely fall in a morally gray area. It would match the show’s complex approach on its cloning themes.

On a slightly happier note, it would be interesting to see Alison in a more musical setting, too. Seeing her rehearsing for Jesus Christ Superstar doesn’t seem enough. Co-creator John Fawcett revealed there were plans for a whole musical segment. Surely, we can give some of our favorite clones a happy ending?

On that note, other characters who deserve more screen time, or at least a better treatment for Orphan Black season 5: Felix, Kira, and even Art. As for Rachel: fans seem amiable on letting her bite the dust, after her season 4 betrayal.

We Want Answers

Finally, expect answers. The show has gone on long enough introducing twists and characters. While the nuances create discussion on the good and bad of the show’s hypothetical sciences, fans just want the mysteries to be tied up neatly.

How is Westmoreland still alive? Is there anything particularly special about Kira? Is there still something about Beth’s suicide that we need to know? Hopefully, the season 5 finale can give us the answers to all that and more.

Any expectations of your own for Orphan Black season 5? Let us know about them in the comments below!

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