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One Punch Man Season 2: Updates, Release Date, And More Fan Theories

Fans are already eager for One Punch Man Season 2. Avid viewers are anticipating for more action from Saitama and his disciple Genos. Could the next season be bigger and better than the previous one? Will viewers finally see the secret to Saitama’s immense strength?

One Punch Man is created by an artist who goes by the pseudonym One. Publication began on 2009 and success was immediate for the series. It follows the story of Saitama, a hero who possesses extreme amounts of strength. Because of how strong he is, no enemy could match up to Saitama. As a result, he became bored of life and began to constantly search for a worth opponent. The anime adaptation aired from October to December 2015 and a second season is currently in the works.

Saitama’s ‘New Look’ In One Punch Man Season 2

Christian Post reported that the series manga creator, Yusuke Murata, has tweaked something in the characters of One Punch Man. Murata has uploaded pictures and it looks like Saitama will have more facial expressions. This will be something new to fans, especially since Saitama is notorious for his poker face. In addition to that, manga readers will be able to enjoy close-ups during a battle scene and see the expressions of the people in combat.

Fans began to assume that One Punch Man Season 2 will feature the changes in the manga version. Many also concluded that better facial expressions signify that the quality of the animation may be better than the OPM’s first season.

OPM Fans: “When Will It Be Released?”

Fans are eagerly waiting for the next season of One Punch Man ever since a second installment was confirmed. Many fan theories began to fill the internet about the plot line of the second season. Some theories include the identity of BLAST, the strongest hero of Hero Association. Others guessed that Saitama might finally meet his match and Lord Boros, Saitama’s last opponent in One Punch Man season 1, will return.

So far, Madhouse is secretive regarding the release date of One Punch Man season 2, which increased the hype among fans. Yibada has reported that it will be released mid-2017 but Madhouse is yet to confirm about that rumor.

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