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One Punch Man Season 2: Genos’ Death Could Spark Saitama’s Evil Side

One Punch Man Season 2 will be released in 2017 and fans are excited to find out what the new season has to offer. This high budget anime series wowed anime fans around the world by its smooth and detailed animation and great humor.

Even though it is an action anime, it deviates from clichè where the main character is beaten first, powers up and beats the enemy. The worldwide popularity of the series secured its second season, but what does OPM really has to offer?

Saitama fights the Hero Organization

In One Punch Man Season 1 episode 10, Madame Shibabawa predicted that “the Earth is in trouble” which alarmed the heroes. Lord Boros then came causing destruction in City A. However, Saitama easily defeated Lord Boros. The latter couldn’t possibly be what Shibabawa prophecized. Besides, only the City A was destroyed. There are theories suggesting that Saitama will be the one who’s going to cause havoc to the Earth.

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The members of the Hero Organization are not all “heroic.” One is Amai Mask who blames the other heroes for the destruction despite not even helping. Another is the top hero, The King, who lies about his powers. Some of them could have underlying motives for becoming heroes.

Volume 12 cover and a new cover came out in Shuesha. Tbh, it makes me think about a "Versus". It's almost like Garou and Saitama are looking into each other's eyes. . (ONE spoilers can get you blocked. Beware.)

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Genos’ death could spark Saitama’s evil side

Genos is Saitama’s only friend and supporter. What could happen if a bad thing happened to Genos? Wouldn’t this anger and unleash Saitama’s real power to avenge Genos? One report says that in one of the spoilers, in Season 2, Saitama has a split personality. This could be a result of something bad that would happen to either Saitama or Genos.

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Genos aims to find the person responsible for his parents’ death four years prior to the Season 1 events. Drive Knight told him that Metal Knight is his true enemy. This could be a clue that Metal Knight is actually the one who killed his parents resulting to Genos becoming a cyborg. Furthermore, the first season clues in this matter hint that this will be addressed later in the second season.

One Punch Man Season 2 deviates from the manga

There has been a report that the second season will be different from the manga. If this is so, the plot is still unclear. However, it could be given that the premise in the manga is still the same for the anime. It could be that new villains will arrive at the Planet Earth. Garou, the only one who survived Saitama’s serious punch in the manga, could be introduced.

What are you excited for in One Punch Man Season 2? Do you want to see Saitama become evil? Or just the plain laughs, jokes and moral lessons the show brings?

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