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No Official BoJack Horseman Release Date Yet; Amazon Creates Amberville As Competition

BoJack Horseman fans are anxiously waiting for Netflix to release Season 2. Meanwhile, with BoJack’s popularity, Amazon wants to take a shot at producing a similar theme. The streaming service ordered Amberville that is a mix of the Will Arnett series and The Godfather.

After three seasons of BoJack Horseman, Netflix viewers are asking for more. Unfortunately, the streaming giant has yet to make an official announcement of BoJack Horseman‘s fourth season release.

No Official Release Date For BoJack Horseman Season 4

TIME reports that Netflix released the timeline of their original show’s release dates. However, it seems to have missed out on the Raphael Bob-Waksberg animated series among others. Moreover, the outlet notes that apart from BoJack, Netflix failed to announce The Crown, Narcos, The OA and Wet Hot American Summer’s release dates too.

Meanwhile, BoJack fanatics can watch a Redditor’s YouTube video derived from Bojack’s episodes. The video summarized what the series’ central theme is about: chasing happiness.

Reddit user, MC_91 noted of BoJack’s (Will Arnett) desire to search for happiness while Mr. Peanutbutter (Paul Tompkins) seems content with what he has. Meanwhile, other redditors hovering in the group site commended the user for putting together a great video.

Amazon Wants To Follow Netflix’s Footsteps

On the other hand, A.V. Club reports that Amazon wants to “take a shot” at creating an adult series similar to BoJack Horseman’s theme. The outlet notes that it recently ordered Amberville, a “darkly comedic animated crime show.”

The source notes that the new Amazon original series is like “a mix between BoJack and The Godfather.” According to the source, Amberville features the story of Teddy Bear, a character “who is dragged back to the criminal underworld to pull off what is described as an impossible new job.”

The series will document Teddy Bear’s encounters with other animated animals to pull off the job. The latter report notes that Amberville is a brainchild of Chris McCoy and Conrad Vernon.

On the other hand, BoJack fanatics can only wait until Netflix releases another statement with regard to their show line-up. This adult animated comedy-drama series stars Arnett as BoJack. Apart from Arnett, Amy Sedaris, Alison Brie, Tompkins and Aaron Paul are also included in the series.

Netflix released BoJack Horseman Season 1 on August 22, 2014. The show received polarizing reviews about its debut. However, after six episodes, it gained positive reviews from critics. All three BoJack seasons comprised of 12 episodes. Season 3 aired on July 22, 2016.

Some described the show as “one of the funniest and most heartbreaking shows on television.” All three series comprised of 12 episodes. The third season aired on July 22, 2016. BoJack Horseman Season 4 is scheduled to premiere in summer 2017.

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