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Nella The Princess Knight: Release Date, Details On Nickelodeon’s Badass Biracial Princess

Nella the Princess Knight is set to break the stereotype surrounding princesses. Not saying it won’t be cute, but this time, she will be ruthless and badass. The princess we probably need to inspire our little girls today.

An Irish/American animation series from Christine Ricci features on Nickelodeon channel in the United States. As of now, the pilot is out. Over the course of February, the entire season of Nella the Princess Knight is set to air regularly. Make no mistake, for the princess wears pretty dresses and wields a sword too. We just don’t have a princess here, but a princess knight!

Nella The Princess Knight: Details

Nina Hahn, executive from Nickelodeon, speaks to the Huffington Post and stresses on the ‘biracial’ aspect of the anime. Not to mention, the duality of a princess and a knight blend into one. In a world full of princesses, Nickelodeon wanted an aberration, further leading to a character that is Nella. All these are the least interesting aspects of the series, however.

The catch here is the biracial background of the protagonist. Nella is born to a white mother and a black father, for starters. According to Nina, Nella stands as a symbol of the contemporary society today – as seen from the perspective of the kids. The cornerstone behind the character is a study of demographic trend. Case in point, the study has it that by 2020 most kids under 12 are non-white, mostly. Furthermore, 17 percent being biracial that is likened with Nella!

The show delves heavily on the conventional “girly” aspects of gowns and pretty hair, also goes tomboyish subsequently. The adventure-driven princess on a pink unicorn doing back-flips and plunging into action cannot get better, of course. On a delicate note, the series features the ‘Fight Song’ that has everything to do with Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Don’t go all political now, but hey, the undertone is conspicuous!

Nella The Princess Knight: Release; Premise

The official description of the series speaks of a princess Nella who transitions to a princess knight to save the citizens of her village. Besides, she has one Ser Garrett as her sidekick who shares the princess’ thirst for action. For the obvious reasons, there is a king and queen and a knight brigade among other things.

The first episode aired on Feb. 6 and is likely to feature regularly on Nickelodeon channel. Let’s keep the argument on the series’ potential to cater to kids for another day. Instead, it’s imperative to catch the essence of the biracial 8-year-old girl character. Time to confront the kids with the reality that everyone can be a hero, regardless of race and color. Moreover, it’ll leave a lasting impression on young minds. An impression that will echo in the later stages of their life. Cheers to Nickelodeon for a statement made right.

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