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NCIS Season 14: Cancellation News – Mark Harmon Responds to Allegations

NCIS Season 14 has been bombarded with cancellation rumors ever since fan favorite Michael Weatherly left the show in season 13. The rumors increased when speculations that Mark Harmon will leave the show for good due to his alleged health condition. Though there is no confirmation about his health, Harmon responded to the cancellation rumors.

It was reported that NCIS Season 14 is simply taking a break, with the next episode set to air on January 2017. Season 15 has been confirmed by CBS. But with the drop in ratings since Weatherly’s exit, fans began to worry that the next installment for the police-drama series will not happen anymore.

Mark Harmon Responds to NCIS Season 14 Cancellation Rumors

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Despite the drastic change in ratings, CBS’ police-drama series remained as one of the most watched shows in TV. The program garners 10 million viewers per episode. However, that did not stop the cancellation rumors from blooming left and right.

Mark Harmon, who plays Leroy Jethro Gibbs, is currently the center of attention by NCIS fans. During the recent episodes, many fans noted that Harmon looks thinner and has limited screen time. This led to speculations that Harmon will also leave the show to rest and recover. In a previous interview with Entertainment Tonight, Harmon discussed about NCIS’ future.

“We have worked hard to get the show to this place. And now, everything is about appreciating all of that,” Harmon said.

Regarding the show’s end, Harmon said, “Things end at some point. Who knows when this one will? For now, it’s important to enjoy this in the midst of everything that is happening.”

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Will Mark Harmon really leave NCIS?

Despite the rumors regarding Mark Harmon and his leave, CBS and Harmon did not release any statement addressing those allegations. GamenGuide reported that Harmon will be in the show because of his contract so fans can expect Leroy Jethro Gibbs in NCIS Season 15.

Because there is no confirmation from the actor and the network, all fans can do for now is wait for the official update regarding the actor’s health and his status in NCIS.

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