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NCIS New Orleans: Interesting New Theories About The Baby Daddy!

NCIS New Orleans is suffering from low television ratings. The poor show is attributed to the fact that one of its most loved characters is absent from the show. Agent Meredith Brody aka Zoe McLellan has been missing in action in the latest season/Season 3.

NCIS New Orleans makers need to now look at ways to revive the show. Speculations suggest that Zoe McLellan exit was a creative decision as there was nothing much to explore about her character. With dipping ratings, it is reported that the makers are trying to get the character back on the show.

NCIS New Orleans Season 3: Plot Developments

NCIS New Orleans is now focusing on the other agents like Agent Christopher LaSalle (Lucas Black). The earlier episodes brought to fore the revelation that LaSalle is a father to a child from his earlier love interest Melody (Brianna Brown). The season is now exploring how the agent deals with fatherhood.

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Fans cannot help but wonder why agent LaSalle would blindly accept his fatherhood. There are some fans who are speculating if he is actually the father to the child, reports TV Guide. It seems he is getting used to the fatherhood. He may be seeing it as redemption from his colorful past.

Agent Christopher LaSalle Progression In the Show

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NCIS: New Orleans executive producer Brad Kern says that LaSalle is no longer trying to be the hot shot Casanova. Brad Kern adds, “LaSalle is growing. He’s not the one night stand Svengali hotshot he was. Under Pride’s tutelage, we wanted to do an arc so you could see how he’s growing and becoming more responsible.”

The reason LaSalle did not ask for proof about the child could be because he did not want to lose a chance to make things right in his life. It also could be because he wants to steer away from what he has been in the past. Kern says no matter what the conclusion about the child is, lessons will be learned. And it could also bring more developments down the road.

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