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NCIS New Orleans Season 3: Find Out Who The Highest Paid Cast Member Is!

NCIS New Orleans Season 3 hit the TV screens in September. It came on the heels of very successful prequels. However, the ratings for the present season has not been very impressive. Makers are now frantically looking for ways to revive the lost glory.

NCIS New Orleans Season 3 makers may be looking to bring back one of the show’s popular characters- Agent Meredith Brody (Zoe McLellan). She has been MIA since the new season began. Will bringing Brody back work for the show?

NCIS New Orleans Season 3: Agent Meredith Brody To Revive The Show?

Rumors suggest that the absence of agent Brody is the reason for the fall in ratings. Along with Zoe McLellan, another face missing is that of Meredith Brooks. Agent Brody won the hearts of the audience with her gritty and no-nonsense attitude. However, Brody’s choices in dating in the show led to a sticky situation for the team.

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In her personal life, Zoe McLellan was going through a turmoil with the custody over her son. Her divorce with husband Sebastian pushed her to a round of court trials. However, it seems like the messy divorce proceedings have now settled down. With her personal life now on peaceful grounds, can her return in NCIS New Orleans Season 3 be expected?

Why Did Agent Meredith Brody Leave The Show?

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Speculations suggest that Agent Meredith Brody departure from the show was a “creative decision”, reports Game N Guide. The producers felt that there was not much left to explore on Brody’s character. They felt that the character had ‘run its course’ and they deemed fit to let her go.

Another set of rumors suggests that McLellan and the producers of NCIS New Orleans Season 3 are not in good terms. So the only way she can come back is if she is paid handsomely for her return. With the poor ratings in sight, the ball is now in Zoe McLellan’s court. One thing is clear that fans will only be delighted to see Agent Brody back on the show!

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