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NCIS Los Angeles Season 8: Miguel Ferrer Stroke Rumors Persist With Owen Granger Stabbed

NCIS Los Angeles is turning the heat up on the mole storyline. That’s only fair, after all, the mole issue has been going on longer than expected. But the stakes were really been raised on the last episode, Hot Water. Four members of the NCIS are arrested, various agencies are on the hunt for the rest, and Owen Granger has been seriously wounded.

With Granger taking a hit, a spark has once again lit up the powder keg of Miguel Ferrer illness rumors. Is this the character death that we’ve been waiting for all season?

The Whole Alphabet Is After Us

First Owen Granger is arrested by the LAPD for supposedly assaulting Heather, and control quickly spirals out of the hands of Callen and the team. The LAPD nabs Deeks as well. The next thing we know, the DEA arrests Agent Sam Hanna for possession of cocaine and dead body in his trunk. The ATF then grabs Callen for 500 lbs of explosives on his property, despite Calen’s protests that they were all being framed.

Hetty remarks that it feels like the whole alphabet is after them. And the set-ups are a little too conveniently put together to be a coincidence. Someone wants the NCIS out of the picture, and is pulling a lot of strings to make it happen.

Worst of all, Owen Granger is stabbed by an unknown assailant while in custody. When we next see him, he’s still cuffed, but hooked up to some hospital machines to try keeping him alive. Unless another Kensi-like miracle of recovery occurs, NCIS Los Angeles might be seeing the last of him.

Miguel Ferrer’s Health – Is Granger Getting Axed?

61-year-old Miguel Ferrer has been on the wrong end of rumors since the season began. First, there came unconfirmed reports that he had experienced a stroke while on set. Then, fans started pointing out that Owen Granger’s speech and mannerisms onscreen looked like a struggle. Speculations ran rampant that it was the actor’s health in danger, not the character’s. Ferrer’s family has had a history of cancer; some assumed that Ferrer had been susceptible as well.

Still, the actor has largely given off nothing but radio silence on social media. There has otherwise been no indication that the actor was sick; the cast and producers of NCIS Los Angeles haven’t addressed the rumors.

Two possibilities are in play: One, the fans have hit the nail on the head, which is why the production hasn’t addressed the rumors. The stabbing of Owen Granger will lead into Miguel Ferrer being written off the show to take care of his health.

Or, Granger is simply going through a scare – just like Kensi did between the season 7 finale and her season 8 recovery. Ferrer is well, Granger will get better too, and the mole – whoever it really is – will jump out to jolt everyone unexpectedly by season’s end.

Any guesses on what’s really happening on NCIS Los Angeles? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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