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NCIS LA: How Will Owen Granger Be Written Out

Last month, the NCIS Los Angeles team lost their Owen Granger for real. Miguel Ferrer passed away from a long – and well-hidden – battle with throat cancer at the age of 61. While CBS and NCIS LA have made their tributes to the long-time actor online and on social media, his death is yet to be resolved on the show. For certain, Granger will be written out; the only question is, how?

Last that we saw, NCIS Assistant Director Owen Granger had suffered a bad stab wound after being “arrested”. He was one of several NCIS LA team members to be taken in by various other agencies, like the CIA and LAPD. As it turned out in the Season 8 episode 14 episode Under Siege, Hetty was responsible for those “arrests”. She had, in her own Hetty kind of way, been trying to protect the team.

But perhaps getting Owen Granger stabbed was not part of the plan. Whoever was responsible is certainly rogue.

One More Episode?

According to a report by TV Line, Miguel Ferrer will be still making a posthumous appearance on the show. Episode 15, Payback, will feature Granger at least one more time. If the show were to write him off, this may have been the simplest place to do it, maybe having him succumb to fatal wounds.

This would give the team a personal reason to take down their adversaries. Sick as we are of hearing all about the mole, getting justice for Owen would be the most fitting way to end that storyline.

However, a previous report by Tripped Media shares that the showrunners will actually delay that death to the March 5 episode. That episode is planned to be a tribute episode for the late actor, and will feature a rendition of Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door sung by Ferrer’s blues-rock band, The Jenerators. You can certainly imagine that song playing as Granger takes his last few breaths.

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It’s not likely that Granger will be given one more action scene, even for the fans’ wish fulfillment. Remember that the show had been filming while Miguel Ferrer himself was already dying. But while Granger’s expected death probably won’t be so action packed, it will surely be emotional; he’s been part of the team for five years.

A Long Career

NCIS LA is the last of Ferrer’s most significant pieces of work. He was previously most known for appearing in the original Robocop, Crossing Jordan, and Twin Peaks. He’s also had roles in Marvel’s Iron Man 3 and Disney’s Mulan.

Rumors of his affliction with cancer circulated for months, starting around the premiere of NCIS Los Angeles Season 8. None were confirmed until his untimely passing, however. A tribute post by the NCIS LA team referred to him as “a man of tremendous talent who had a powerful dramatic presence on screen, a wicked sense of humor, and a huge heart.”

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