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NCIS LA: Owen Granger Coming Back, Tribute To Miguel Ferrer Set

As a way of paying tribute to a beloved co-star, NCIS LA will play a song by Miguel Ferrer on their March 5 episode. The network announced that the long-running procedural series will feature Ferrer’s version of the Bob Dylan classic Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door.

Ferrer and his blues-rock band, the Jenerators, performed the said version. The actor was an accomplished drummer before he turned to acting. An in-memorial title card will also be appearing at the end of the episode for Ferrer.

NCIS LA Is Not Yet Oover Owen Granger

For six seasons, Miguel Ferrer played NCIS LA Assistant Director Owen Grander on the hit CBS show. At first, his character was scheduled to be a recurring one, but he was soon promoted to a regular cast. Fans have loved him since then.

NCIS LAPing Bauzon | Tripped Media

Screen cap from the IG page of NCIS LA

NCIS LA will do fine without Ferrer’s character. The people behind the series are some of the only few who are aware of the actor’s battle with throat cancer. Rumors and speculations have been rampant since October last year, but there was never any confirmation from Ferrer.

In an August episode last year, the show seemingly touched Ferrer’s real life illness. Granger was supposedly diagnosed with an undisclosed illness by the TV doctors then. There was no mention of such illness in the next episodes, but we’re thinking this could be a good exit for the actor?

Just before his death in January, Ferrer was able to finish filming a number of episodes in the series. In fact, he was even stabbed in one recent episode of NCIS LA while he was in police custody. This is not the last time we’ll get to see him in the series.

According to a report by TV Line, Ferrer will still appear on a Feb. 19 episode of NCIS LA. This was filmed shortly before his death.

Hollywood Is A Big Part Of Ferrer’s Life

It is not only in NCIS LA where the actor appears. He also finished filming a reprised role for Twin Peaks. He played FBI forensics expert Albert Rosenfield in Showtime’s reboot series.

Ferrer is best remembered for his role on NBC’s Crossing Jordan and the original RoboCop. He is a cousin of A-list Hollywood actor George Clooney, who said the family will always miss Ferrer.

NCIS LA will continue to prosper and thrive on. Ferrer’s character Granger will make sure of that, right?

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