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NCIS LA: Miguel Ferrer Tribute Reminds Everyone How Much Owen Granger Will Be Missed

NCIS LA cast went through a big loss with the death of Miguel Ferrer. Speculations were running rife about the absence of the actor from the show. It was later known that he was suffering from cancer which led to his demise.

Miguel Ferrer passing away left a big void in the sphere of the entertainment industry. Not only did the NCIS LA cast feel his absence but the rest of the industry as well. The TV show just aired a Miguel Ferrer Tribute episode to keep his memory alive.

NCIS LA: Miguel Ferrer Tribute Episode

NCIS LA episode on March 5 brought to memory the wonderful character of Agent Granger. Not that he was forgotten, but it was refreshing to see the mention of his name on the show. The plot of the episode shows Agent Granger stabbed during a mole hunt and taken to the hospital.

But the plot thickens when Granger is nowhere to be found by friend Hetty. Soon the nurse tells Hetty that “he is gone”, “one minute he was here, and the next minute he wasn’t…. He pulled out his IV and walked out.” A final note by Miguel Ferrer character on the show gave him a fitting farewell.

The note by his character Granger to friend Hetty reads, “I have some unfinished business to take care of. I’m sure you’ll think of something…You always do.” To make sure that the farewell was Ferrer worthy, the makers also ran a slide with the actor’s picture reading, “In loving memory of our friend and colleague, whose strength and kindness will inspire us all”.

Miguel Ferrer Tribute Episode Applauded by Fans

Twitter users quickly responded to the tweet by NCIS LA and applauded them for not killing off the character. One fan wrote, “love that Grainger was not killed off and left pretty much the way he came in, unannounced” while the other noted that tribute during the end of the episode was heartwarming and touching.

Knockin on Heaven Door by Bob Dylan was playing as the tribute episode came to a close. Many fans are still reeling in this loss and say that the show will never be the same without him. Miguel Ferrer passed away on Jan. 19. The NCIS LA tribute episode comes at a good time as fans prepare to bring a closure to his character. Having said that, there will never be a good time to say a final goodbye to Miguel Ferrer.

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