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NCIS LA: Here’s Why Everyone Wants A Plot Change

NCIS LA team is busy with a new challenge in their hands. They are now busy tackling a new case. And they will be working alongside National Security Agency (NSA). The case is a high profile one and involves a missing Navy Lieutenant Commander.

As NCIS LA team members are busy, two cast members Marty Deeks and Kensi Blye are going through their trajectory in the story. Daniela Ruah playing the role of Kensi Blye is also going through a wonderful phase in her personal life. It was known earlier that she is pregnant.

NCIS LA: Daniela Ruah’s Pregnancy to Change The Plot?

Deeks (Christian Olsen) and Blye relationship may have a new twist in NCIS LA. The show producers reveal that Ruah’s pregnancy will be accommodated in the show. The actress herself had announced the news of her pregnancy.

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Ruah said, “As most of you may have noticed or not, I have a baby in my belly.” There will be a possible change in plot of the show owing to her pregnancy. Game N Guide reports Deeks will try again to make his proposal yet again to Kensi. The actor mentioned that the engagement will be fantastic.

Kensi is seen having a tough time in the show as she is recovering from the helicopter crash. As she prepared to head back to action, Hensi comes in to inform her that her hand is still weak and she needs to get rest. This downtime could be a place where her real-life pregnancy would be incorporated.

Miguel Ferrer Health Problems To Keep Him Away From Show?

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There has been a lot of conjecture drawn about the real status of Miguel Ferrer’s health. He plays one of the most important characters in the show namely Owen Granger. Some reports suggest that he suffered a stroke few weeks back.

However, there has been no official update on his health. There are rumors that his character will soon be given an exit from the show.

NCIS LA Season 8 Episode 11 will air on Dec. 18, 2016 on CBS.

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