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NCIS LA: How Bar Paly’s Return Will Be Like

It’s confirmed: Bar Paly will return as Anna Kolcheck in the future episodes of NCIS LA Season 8. Fans of the show are getting unsettled with the news. With rumors of Miguel Ferrer leaving the show due to his dwindling health, the fans have begun to speculate that Anna Kolcheck will replace Owen Granger.

Miguel Ferrer is in the spotlight due to the speculations that he is sick. Fans have noted Ferrer’s difficulty in speech and frail look. The actor has remained silent against the rumors, prompting fans to think that he is really sick.

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Ana Kolcheck Returns to NCIS LA

Photo credit: Screenshot from the video "NCIS Los Angeles Promotional Photos" taken from the YouTube channel TV Spoiler

Photo credit: Screenshot from the video “NCIS Los Angeles Promotional Photos” taken from the YouTube channel TV Spoiler

Bar Paly will once again appear as Ana Kolcheck in the eleventh episode of NCIS LA. The episode Tidings We Bring will air on Dec. 18 and Spoiler Guide revealed the official synopsis. According to the synopsis, Sam Hanna will team up with Anna Kolcheck, and G. Callen and Marty Deeks will investigate the disappearance of a Navy Lieutenant Commander.

Ana Kolcheck was last seen in the fifth episode of the crime series. There, she collaborated with G. Callen, who was revealed to be her ex-lover. The two succeeded in their mission and because of their chemistry, Kolcheck was called back for another mission by Granger.

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Bar Paly replaces Miguel Ferrer?

However, fans are nervous for Miguel Ferrer. LL Cool J, who portrays Sam Hanna, hinted that a character will die in season 8. Given Ferrer’s alleged health condition, fans could not help but think that Owen Granger will make his exit. Some fans also pointed out that Paly’s return is the show’s way of preparing for Ferrer’s departure.

Spoilers indicated that Paly will return just for the eleventh season. However, that did not stop fans from making theories that it is just a set-up. Some even claimed that the show will really kill off Owen Granger. There are already rumors that Daniela Ruah will leave the show due to her pregnancy. If another character will exit, the show’s viewership might drastically go down.

Catch the latest episode of NCIS LA on Dec. 18 on CBS!

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