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MTV Shows: The Focus on The Millennial Market, Goodbye Prison High and Air Sex

There was a time when MTV shows such as The Hills, Jersey Shore, and Laguna Beach, were the talk of the town. Gone are those days now and instead, we have here MTV President Chris McCarthy planning to take an ax on a number of the current MTV series.

In an article, The Hollywood Reporter said McCarthy, the network’s third leader in two years, will be taking down Prison High, Air Sex, Almost Impossible Game Show, Acting Out, Down To Earth, and Stupid Man, Smart Phone.

Anyone who’s taking the axing of these MTV shows bad should just put their trust on McCarthy, who led Viacom sibling VH1 to its biggest ratings growth in 15 years in 2016. He hopes to do the same for MTV and make it a part of the everyday conversation again by focusing on quality rather than quantity.

Sources said more MTV shows are bound to follow the first batch, although Teen Mom and 16 And Pregnant are pretty safe for now.

Music – still a big part of MTV?

McCarthy told THR that music is still going to be a big part of MTV shows, although that’s not solely where the network should depend. Instead, they now reportedly aim to embody every element and aspect of what it’s like to be young, energetic, diverse, idealistic, hopeful, optimistic, and most of all, fun.

MTV Shows

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The new MTV president hopes to bring more live fare to the network by building out events like the VMAs with activities that go beyond millennial viewers. To do this, he had to bring VH1’s Nina Diaz as head of programming. She replaced Michael Klein, who stepped down a month after McCarthy replaced Sean Atkins.

Creative inconsistencies pulled MTV down?

Year after year, MTV lost 11 percent among its core 18-to-34 demographic. The one big problem, as per reports, is “creative inconsistencies.” One source was quoted by THR saying the network has “no brand and no one knows what it is.”

Ever since Jersey Shore ended its run in 2012, the network experienced a slump in performance and in profit. Clearly, a batch of new MTV shows is required to revive this ailing network, and McCarthy may just bring the new blood it needs.

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