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Miguel Ferrer Stroke: The Real Truth Behind His Condition

Rumors have been making rounds on the internet lately that the NCIS star Miguel Ferrer suffered from a stroke. The actor who is known for his villainous voice was slurring his speech during the past episodes. Fans concluded that this might be a sign that Ferrer had a stroke and has been suffering from an illness.

Despite any confirmation about his condition, fans continue to speculate as the NCIS actor’s family has a history of cancer in his family.  Ferrer’s father died of colon cancer while his mom died of lung cancer. These family incidents made the actor support fight against cancer.

Miguel Ferrer might be leaving the show.

The Season 8 spoilers hinted that a character will be leaving the show. Some speculated that Daniela Ruah who plays the character Kensi Blye, will leave the show because of her maternity leave. Other fans say the Owen Granger, played by Miguel Ferrer, will be the one leaving the show.

Miguel Ferrer’s character, Owen Granger is in the same situation.

If you have been watching the series, you will know that Granger is in a tough spot as he failed to discover the mole in their organization. This means that Granger could get fired anytime soon from the organization. Granger might be saying goodbye sooner than we have anticipated.

A recent episode has also revealed that Granger is sick and the only person who knows about it is Hetty. Episode 7 then revealed that Granger is indeed sick.

You know, you may be able to fool the kids with this “cold” business of yours. But I know you, and you look and sound worse than when we pulled you out of Laos,” Hetty said.

“Doctors! They’re like lawyers with knives. They’re still trying to figure this out. But it’s probably just a lifetime of bad decisions– smoking, drinking,” Owen replies.

New Projects for Miguel Ferrer

While these rumors are still unconfirmed, we already know that Ferrer will return to Twin Peaks where he is to reprise his role Again as FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield.  If Miguel Ferrer leaves NCIS, we will still see him in the 1990 classic Twin Peaks so it is highly unlikely that Ferrer will die anytime soon.


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