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Miguel Ferrer Health Update: The Latest On The Real State Of His Health

Is there a reason why we are not hearing much about Miguel Ferrer health update? Since October, speculations have been spreading that the actor, who played Owen Granger in NCIS Los Angeles, suffered from stroke. There are also rumors that he is battling cancer.

Recent episodes of the series’ Season 8 showed the actor looking thin and frail. Fans noticed he also had slurred speech and having difficulties comprehending his lines. No one from the show’s production, his co-actors or Ferrer himself has confirmed or denied rumors about his health.

Miguel Ferrer Health Update – What’s wrong with Him?

There is no Miguel Ferrer health update mentioned even in the actor’s social media accounts. His last Facebook update was in 2013 and his last tweet was in August last year. He has also not been seen in showbiz functions since news about his health spread.

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Miguel Ferrer Health Update

Screen cap from the Twitter page of NCISLA

Of course, his absence in social media does not necessarily mean he’s lying in a hospital somewhere. It may just be that Ferrer is taking a break from his Hollywood duties, instead of constantly updating us about his whereabouts. His fans, however, continue to fear that he may be battling with cancer like his father.

In an article on Coping With Cancer magazine, Morning Ledger quoted Ferrer as he recounted his experience as a caregiver to his father, who later died of colon cancer. Since then, he has been very active in the campaign for fight against cancer.

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NCIS Los Angeles ready for Ferrer’s exit?

Part of the script of NCIS Los Angeles for Season 8 is a character’s death, the Morning Ledger reports. Ferrer’s absence in social media, paired with rumors about his deteriorating health, may trigger his exit from the series.

It even looked like the show is ready for it. In Episode 7 of the current season, it was revealed that Granger, Ferrer’s character, is suffering from an undisclosed illness. At that time, not many people gave credence to it, thinking it was just one of the show’s plots.

Now, it seems like that storyline will draw to a dramatic conclusion if news about the failing Miguel Ferrer health update is confirmed.

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