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Miguel Ferrer Health Update: Everything We Know So Far

Creators of NCIS Los Angeles are hinting that Season 8 will show a major character departing from the show. While it is obvious that it will be Daniela Ruah because of her pregnancy, many are also pointing out to Miguel Ferrer health update.

Although NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 is currently on air, the headlines are not about what’s happening in the show. Rather, it points out to Ferrer, who is reportedly suffering from an undisclosed illness. Some thought he suffered a stroke while others are saying that he is battling cancer.

Miguel Ferrer health update is obvious in the show

Ferrer’s name came up shortly after the show’s producers revealed a death in Season 8’s final episode. The fans are noticing his slurred speech in the show’s recent episodes, leading them to believe that Miguel Ferrer health update may be suffering from a stroke. Ferrer is known for the villainous voice he uses on Owen Granger.

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Miguel Ferrer Health Update

Screen cap from the Twitter page of Miguel Ferrer

Such news about his health is not mere speculations. Ferrer has a history of cancer and other illnesses in the family. In fact, his father and mother both died of cancer a few years back. His father, Jose Ferrer died of colon cancer while his mother died of lung cancer.

These events pushed the actor to be active in campaigns against cancer. He was even present in a number of campaigns that support cancer awareness and cancer research.

The fans are also curious as to why Ferrer has not been updating her social media accounts. He has not been that active on social media, but he occasionally updates it about his whereabouts. His last Facebook post was in 2013 and his last Twitter update was on Aug. 12.

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Miguel Ferrer is not dying

While there are speculations about his health, fans should be happy to know that Ferrer is not departing the world anytime soon. He even confirmed that he will be back for Twin Peaks. He remained mum about his return to NCIS Los Angeles.

There was an earlier episode in Season 8 when a doctor revealed to Ferrer’s character, Granger, that he is suffering from a disease. They did not disclose what this was. This may mean that Miguel Ferrer health update is affecting the show back then, and they have already prepared for a back story.

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