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Miguel Ferrer Health: What Is The Most That We Know About Him

Despite NCIS Los Angeles rolling toward the end of season 8, fans continue to look into Miguel Ferrer health news. The 61-year-old actor, who plays Assistant Director Owen Granger, has been the topic of various heath scare reports these last few months.

What’s really going on? Let’s take a look at what we’ve got, both on the show and off it.

Owen Granger – Is He Getting the Axe?

Long before the season began, LL Cool J (Sam Hanna) revealed that the show was looking at a character death. Naturally, he didn’t specify who; he just hinted “#changes” and “#you gotta watch”. Naturally, fans began to play the guessing game.

Initially, there were speculations that Kensi Blye (played by Daniela Ruah) would bite the dust. Ruah was dealing with a real-life pregnancy at the time, and the previous season saw her involved in a helicopter crash. She’s since recovered, making her way back to the shooting range and physical tests.

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Attention everyone in the bullpen! We have an important message…1 more day to the 2-hour season premiere event of #NCISLA #CBS

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Granger, meanwhile, took the opposite route. He’s started looking less and less healthy as the episodes chugged by, and conversations with Hetty expressed the mileage their characters already had on them. His unclear speech and pale complexion were coupled with fewer appearances as the season went on.

In the last episode before the winter break, Tidings We Bring, he was practically a no-show. These have led some fans to believe Owen would drop out of the cast by season’s end. It wasn’t just the character, either – speculation connected the dots from Granger’s state to Miguel Ferrer’s real life condition.

“Let’s bring Granger back into the fold soon,” TV Fanatic writes. “If he’s not (available), at least give him a fitting departure.”

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Miguel Ferrer Health News – How Is He Now?

Fan theory about the actual Miguel Ferrer health situation is compounded by the actor’s family history, as shared in a previous Tripped Media report. His father Jose Ferrer, passed away due to colon cancer. Cancer claimed his mother Rosemary’s life as well. It’s why he’s been active in campaigns fighting cancer – his genetics have made him susceptible.

While very little official news is being shared by the NCIS Los Angeles team, the most we can pick up is from Ferrer’s social media. He hasn’t been very active there recently, either.

Fortunately, previous reports of him suffering a stroke on-set have been largely debunked due to the lack of legitimate reports. His previous work on Twin Peaks, portraying Albert Rosenfield, also suggests that his health can’t be in that bad a state either. So for now, the evidence we have (or lack thereof) seems to point to Ferrer being up and at it, for now.

Any thought on Miguel Ferrer health news? Hit us in the comments below!

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