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Miguel Ferrer Dead: Without Owen Granger, What’s Next For NCIS Los Angeles

News about Miguel Ferrer dead today came as a shock to many of his fans and celebrity friends because there was never any confirmation about the state of his health. We had news of him suffering a stroke, of having cancer, and many more, but none was confirmed. Ferrer died at 61-years-old after a long battle with cancer, it was finally announced on Thursday night.

Since October last year, there have been many speculations about the health of NCIS Los Angeles star Miguel Ferrer (Owen Granger). Fans noticed that he was looking spectacularly thin and frail during his outings in the series. That raised concerns among the fans of the show, though there was never any mention of cancer from Ferrer’s team.

How will NCIS LA address Miguel Ferrer dead?

Ferrer joined NCIS LA midway through Season 3. He played Assistant Director Owen Granger, who was framed for the assault of a woman he met in a bar during the show’s January 15 episode. Miguel Ferrer dead would put the story line in limbo, though we trust the CBS series has long prepared for this.

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In August last year, there was a mention that Owen Granger was suffering from an undisclosed illness. In the series, the doctors decided not to discuss the details of this supposed illness. Though many fans have a hint that this is in preparation for his health status, we weren’t really sure until news of his cancer spread.

NCIS LA has enough material to discuss Owen’s doom. In the last episode, Owen was stabbed while in police custody. We trust that they would give justice to Ferrer’s character, which he played with vigor and passion for the past five years.

NCIS LA and Hollywood lost a man of humor and talent

NCIS LA showrunner R. Scott Gemmill described Ferrer as “a man of tremendous talent . . . [with] a wicked sense of humor and a huge heart.” He said that the show lost “a beloved family member” in his passing, and that he will be “greatly missed.”

George Clooney, a cousin of the actor, also released a statement regarding Ferrer’s passing. He said that the “monumental events” of the day (Trump’s inauguration) pale in comparison to Miguel Ferrer dead news.

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