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Married At First Sight Australia Star Susan Rawlings Reveals The Truth About Her TV Marriage

Married at First Sight Australia cast member Susan Rawlings revealed the truth about her marriage to Sean Hollands. Rawlings said that Hollands is not the “nice guy” everyone perceives him to be. The 37-year-old truck driver also revealed what really happens behind-the-scenes of Australia’s hit reality show.

Married At First Sight Australia Susan Rawlings Revelations

Married at First Sight Season 4 Australia cast member dishes what really happened between her and partner Sean Hollands. According to, Rawlings revealed that Hollands did not stay in the show because of his love for her. The truck driver said her partner stayed for the money.

The outlet noted that Rawlings wanted to leave the show halfway, but the 34-year-old Hollands said that he needed the money. Hollands will use the money to finance his trip to New Zealand in April. According to the publication, each cast member, who remained in the Married at First Sight Season 4, were paid $200 per day to participate in the series.

Rawlings said that the well-loved farm boy is “completely different off camera.” Rawlings disclosed that there was a period in the show that she wanted to give their relationship a try. However, Hollands said that he was “too busy breeding his horses.” The Perth native told Hollands that she does not need a “24-hour care,” but the farmer from Queensland said that it’s never going to work.

Rawlings Felt Show Denied Of Her Basic Human Rights

Apart from her partnership with Hollands, Rawlings also disclosed what happened behind-the-scenes of Married at First Sight. In Rawlings’ interview with Perth Now, she said that she felt “denied her basic human rights” while filming for the show.

“He said we aren’t school children and that we can hold it. Sometimes I was so angry that I felt like my bladder was going to burst,” said the truck driver. Rawlings recalled an incident where MAFS cast members refusing to speak on camera unless the production crew allowed them to go to the toilet.

The latter report noted that with Rawling’s revelation about the show’s behind-the-scenes activities, she might be violating the producer’s confidentiality agreement which she signed prior to joining the show’s fourth season. The publication reported that the MAFS cast member feels that she is “morally obliged to speak out” about their condition, despite the risk of being sued later.

Love at first sight… We're totes emosh for Sean and Susan! ❤️#9Married |

Posted by Married At First Sight Australia on Monday, January 30, 2017

Married at First Sight Season 4 aired its first episode on January 30, 2017. The show initially paired 11 couples this season. Moreover, they all stayed in a compound until the end of the series. Ever since the show started, it garnered about one million to almost 1.2 million viewer ratings.

Married at First Sight Australia aired the last episode of their fourth season tonight. What can you say about Rawlings’ revelations? Share your thoughts with us!

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