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Married At First Sight Australia: Cheryl, Andrew Headed To Splitsville; Anthony, Nadia’s Marriage Rocky

Married at First Sight Australia will air its final Season 4 episode on Tuesday, March 7. Out of the 11 couples the relationship experts paired, seven remained with their partners. However, viewers speculate that two couples will get a divorce before the show ends.

The objective of reality show Married at First Sight is to pair couples who they think will best compliment one another. Unfortunately, it seems the scientific approach does not work for a few of their pairings. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, there are speculations that Cheryl and Andrew may get a divorce before the show ends.

Married At First Sight Australia Couples On Awkward Beach Date

Cheryl and Andrew were not initially paired with one another. The outlet notes that Cheryl married Jonathan first. Meanwhile, the experts paired Andrew with automotive after sales agent Lauren. Unfortunately, Cheryl and Jonathan decided to divorce before the season ended. On the other hand, Andrew woke up without a wife the next day.

The outlet notes that Dr. John Aiken, the reality show’s relationship expert encouraged Cheryl to “get together” with Andrew. The two MAFS Australia contestants decided to take the expert’s advice. Unfortunately, it seems the pair will get a divorce.

Cheryl and Andrew had a beach date where Andrew sang a song for the hair salon manager. The couple kissed briefly but Cheryl’s next statement made the whole date awkward. Cheryl said, “I don’t want to kiss you.”

Moreover, rather than work their second marriage out, the source notes that the couple picked out each other’s flaws like they have been married for five decades.

Married At First Sight Couple Revelations

Meanwhile, Mail Online reports that racing broadcaster Anthony and his wife, Nadia had their ups and downs as well. In the reality show’s previous episode, the 36-year-old model told the experts that Anthony does not seem to be affectionate. Nadia commented that their progress is slow. Additionally, getting affection from Anthony is like “getting blood out of a stone.”

Previous to Nadia’s comment, the TV presenter labeled his wife as “frigid.” Anthony and Nadia were the fourth couple to get married in the series. Moreover, the source noted that Anthony was not only critical to Nadia but to Cheryl as well. The publication reported that Anthony’s villainous attitude towards Cheryl is because he actually has feelings for her.

The Married at First Sight Australia airs on Nine Network. What can you say about the latest Married at First Sight Australia news about these two couples? Share your thoughts with us!

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