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Mark Harmon Health Update: Here’s What We Know So Far

Mark Harmon Health Update: Fans are worried about the actor’s condition. Many have pointed out that he was looking “frail” in the recent episodes of NCIS Season 14. In addition to that, fans are anxious for the hit CBS show. Season 15 was already confirmed by the network. But rumors about the show’s cancellation are increasing.

Although NCIS has decent ratings, the numbers have decreased ever since two fan favorites departed the show. If Mark Harmon leaves NCIS, then that might mean the end of the NCIS franchise.

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Mark Harmon Health Update: Is he sick or just fine?

According to the Morning Ledger, the rumors began when some fans shared their opinions on Mark Harmon’s appearance in social media. This resulted into “prompting speculations that he might be sick. This led to fans thinking that the actor will need some rest, thus he might be leaving the show.”

There is no confirmation regarding these rumors as of the moment. Mark Harmon or CBS has not given their statements. Fans can take the news with a grain of salt until there is an official Mark Harmon health update.

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NCIS Not Complete Without Mark Harmon

Mark Harmon, who plays Leroy Jethro Gibbs, is a favorite among the fans. If he leaves, Alex Quinn is rumored to replace him. However, the fans are not open to that idea yet. Viewers claimed that they will boycott the show if Harmon leaves NCIS.

The show’s ratings went down ever since Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo left. There are also rumors that CBS plans to bring Weatherly back to help boost the ratings of NCIS. However, an article from GamenGuide stated that Weatherly’s alleged comeback will be cancelled if Mark Harmon leaves NCIS.

As NCIS continues, fans also hope that Mark Harmon is okay despite the weight loss. All they can do is wait for the official Mark Harmon health update coming from the actor himself or CBS.

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