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Mark Harmon Health: First It Was Miguel Ferrer, Will This Signal A Cancellation of NCIS?

Mark Harmon Health: Is he sick as well?

Mark Harmon was reportedly looking sick during the 14th season of the American television show “NCIS”. The actor, who portrays Leroy Jethro Gibbs, has been a part of the main cast ever since the show began in 2003. However, fans expressed their worry when they saw the actor looking rather thin. This caused supporters to wish that Harmon may be granted of a break.

Is Mark Harmon sick as well?

Picture credit: Screenshot taken from the video "Mark Harmon Celebrates Mark Harmon Week!" taken from the TheEllenShow YouTube Channel

Picture credit: Screenshot taken from the video “Mark Harmon Celebrates Mark Harmon Week!” taken from the TheEllenShow YouTube Channel

Because of Harmon’s appearance in the recent episodes, fans took it up to social media to express their concern. One even wrote about Mark Harmon’s health, “Good grief Mark take a vacation get some rest PLEASE DON’T LEAVE THE SHOW!!” Rumors were also beginning to spread that Mark Harmon’s health will be the deciding factor why he will leave the show . Harmon’s character, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, has been a stable fan favorite since the beginning of NCIS. According to fans, they will stop watching the show if Mark Harmon will disapper from NCIS.  As far as the rumors and whispers go, CBS and Mark Harmon have not yet commented on the issue.

NCIS: Goodbye for good?

Mark Harmon’s health is one thing, but there are reports claiming that CBS will stop airing NCIS because of weak ratings.  The show has been suffering from lower than normal ratings even though it’s doing better compared to the other shows in the network. However, there are rumors that season 14 is the last. Even though the network has confirmed a 15th season, CBS may pull out NCIS if the ratings became too low.

The low ratings are not too surprising, though. Fan favorites Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo made their sudden exits in the show, and NCIS has been struggling ever since the 13th season. On a positive light, however, this could push CBS to bring back Michael Weatherly, who portrays Tony DiNozzo. Some fans agree that bringing Weatherly back to the show may help NCIS stabilize its ratings while there are those who think the ratings will stay the same if Weatherly returns.

Is season 14 the last for NCIS? Or will the show continue even if the rumors of Harmon leaving are true?




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