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Mariah’s World: Bryan Tanaka Looks Like He Wants More

Mariah’s World is a solid reality show that gives the viewers a peek into the singer’s real life. Well, Carey had her own share of limelight beginning 2017 when she had a performer’s nightmare. The singer blamed the production team for not making sure the ear monitor was working right.

Well, a lot of back and forth statements were made, and it turns out to be the most talked about performance of New Years. The other aspect making news now is Bryan Tanaka’s love for Carey as professed in Mariah’s World. The dancer admits having feelings for the superstar singer.

What did Bryan Tanaka Exactly Say in Mariah’s World?

Bryan Tanaka took a bold step and professed his love for Mariah Carey in the reality show Mariah’s World. The sparks seem to be not just one way, it looks like Carey is also very reciprocating his love. Their chemistry is palpable and is clearly seen in the show.

Bryan Tanaka says, “I love Mariah. She’s thoughtful, she’s inspiring. There’s something so unique about her. She’s a queen.” Mariah is too cautious to retort back to his confession. She chooses to say, “I’ve known Tanaka for a really long time. … We have the best time together.”

A Real Thing Going On or Just A Publicity Stunt?

Reality shows can be tricky and viewership ratings need to keep coming in for the show to stay afloat. It looks like Bryan Tanaka plot seems to be one that is keeping viewers interested. Manager Stella Bulochnikov is not very happy with the developments.

The manager was heard gossiping with hairdresser Danielle about Bryan and Mariah’s flirtatious behavior, reports US Magazine. She calls this whole thing a ‘chaos’ and is also claiming that the dancer is getting a little cheeky with Mariah, adding “He’s looking at Mimi like she’s supper.”

Bryan Tanaka suffers an injury while partying hard and Mariah Carey seems too concerned as seen in Mariah’s World. However, Stella sees this as an opportunity to get the dancer out of the show. She says, “This is the universe’s way of telling him to take a seat. … He needs to go home. … Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise.” A little mean, we think Stella!

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