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Love Season 3 Release Date In 2018; Series Captured Falling In Love Accurately

Netflix’s Love Season 3 gives its viewers the real deal when it comes to dating. Moreover, Love is now one of the anticipated television series in the streaming giant’s platform. After the release of the whole 12 episodes for Season 2, viewers want to know what will happen next with Mickey and Gus’ relationship.

Viewers of Netflix’s Love definitely caught the love bug! The California-based company released Love’s Season 2 episodes on March 10, 2017, and viewers are clamoring for more. Netflix Life reports that though the streaming giant announced the renewal of their romantic comedy web television series ahead of its Season 2 release, they have not provided any information about the release date for Love Season 3.

Love Season 3 Release Date In March 2018?

The outlet hopes that Netflix will not put their viewers in agony by making them wait longer than expected. Initially, the Judd Apatow series’ first season aired on February 19. Netflix released the series’ sophomore season only after 13 months. While it may still be a long wait, the source notes that the probable release date for Love Season 3 will be on March 9, 2018.

Unfortunately, this projected date can change depending on the factors affecting production. Nevertheless, the source remains hopeful that it sticks with the anticipated release date. Meanwhile, Bustle only has high praises for the series. According to the latter report, Judd Apatow, Lesley Arfin and Paul Rust were able to successfully capture “a realistic and personal look at falling in love.”

The outlet notes that while the public is accustomed to seeing a superficial approach on how couples fall in love, the series did not use the same formula. The source opines that the love between Mickey (Gillian Jacobs) and Gus (Rust) “feels natural and not manufactured by Hollywood.”

Netflix’s Love Features What Real Dating Is Like

Moreover, it makes viewers relive the feeling they had when they were playing or still playing in the dating world. The publication cites examples like receiving “a text from a stranger you want to get to know better” or being in that vulnerable state when you start opening yourself up to the other person.

The outlet notes that the gradual interconnection of Mickey and Gus’ lives gives its Love viewers a “realistic depiction” of what two people falling in love in real life experience. In addition, it includes the “mundane conversations” everyone has with their roommates or friends that really is part of “real dating experience.”

Love Season 2 viewers can’t wait to see how Mickey and Gus’ relationship will turn out. It is similar to how you feel when your best friend starts dating someone she likes. Love Season 2 is still streaming all 12 episodes on Netflix. What are your expectations for Love Season 3? Share them with us!

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