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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 6 Episode 5: Weird Requests And Cat Fights!

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 6 fans gets another exciting episode on Monday. In Episode 5’s trailer, Joseline seeks Melissa’s help on one weird request. Meanwhile, some of the ladies will get physical and things are going to get pretty ugly.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 6 Episode 5 Trailer

In Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 6 Episode 5 titled War and Peace trailer, Josephine wants Melissa to help her gather her friends. International Business Times reports that that the party promoter gives Josephine the look and asks how her odd request can be done when she’s viewed as “Satan’s Spawn.”

The next scene of the trailer shows Joc and Karlie on a double date with Jasmine and Rod. The evening went sour when Karlie yells at Jasmine to stop showing her son’s photo like something’s funny. The outlet notes that Jasmine answers back which spoilers hint will make Joc’s date climb on the table to attack the A Girl Has Needs singer.

Meanwhile, the source notes that two women will get into a physical altercation in the episode. Tresure and Tommie will see each other in a spa. They will initially have a conversation but will later escalate into a face-off between the two artists.

Kirk and Rasheeda’s marriage is falling apart. The outlet notes that Rasheeda’s mother will advise the couple to file for divorce. Will the couple agree and follow the advice they received?

VH1’s Reality Show Adds New Cast Members

On the other hand, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 6 added four new women in the reality series. The latter report notes that in Episode 4, Sierra, Moriah, radio DJ Tresure P and Lovely Mimi joins the Atlanta crew.

In a recap of last week’s episode, Tresure and Moriah made their new friends aware that they are both mistresses. Moreover, the outlet noted that the two women defended themselves on why they chose to be in their relationships.

The publication reported that Mimi and Tommie don’t like Tresure and Moriah’s relationship preference. In addition, the two Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta stars find Tresure “shady.”

The initial report notes that in the upcoming episode, viewers will get a glimpse of who is Moriah’s married boyfriend. Viewers have to watch the episode to see who this guy is. The outlet notes that they hope it’s not Kirk Frost. Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 6 Episode 5 will air on Monday, April 3 at 8 PM EDT on VH1. Do you have a hint on who Moriah’s boyfriend is? Share your thoughts with us!

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