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Limitless Season 2 Renewal: We All Love NZT; Reason Behind Delay

Limitless Season 2 seems very far off for fans of the said show. CBS claimed that the show’s ratings were too low for the network to invest in another season. Executive Producer Craig Sweeny already confirmed that Limitless Season 2 is cancelled more than once despite the efforts of Bradley Cooper and other producers to negotiate with other networks to continue the CBS show. However, before the confirmation of the cancellation was announced, Sweeny revealed that there was already a plot for the next installment.

Limitless Season 2 Spoilers

Picture credit: Screenshot from the video "LIMITLESS Season 1 Trailer (2015) CBS Series" taken from the Series Trailer MP YouTube Channel

Picture credit: Screenshot from the video “Limitless Season 1 Trailer (2015) CBS Series” taken from the Series Trailer MP YouTube Channel

Avid supporters of the show believe that Limitless‘ plot was still incomplete, which is why a second season was necessary. According to Cinema Blend, Sweeny already had a big plan for Limitless Season 2.

“So, we’re going to make some changes to the show, but it will remain essentially – we do find a way for it to be Brian taking the NZT working with Rebecca and Boyle and a couple new members on the team, solving crimes and having fun a week-to-week basis. So despite the current state of things at the Finale: Part One! at the end of the season, we are in a different place, but not as radically different as it feels like we’re in right now,” Sweeny said.

The producers of the show have been in contact with Netflix. If the negotiation was sealed, this could indicate the salvation of Limitless. Fans of the show will reportedly withdraw their subscription if Netflix will not pick up on the program.

Netflix: The show’s only hope?

Fans started to hope once again when Netflix began to stream the first season of Limitless. Many even wished that the network will see the potential of the show and allow the next installment to happen. However, it seems like the plot of Limitless was too complicated for Netflix. It also appears that Netflix is not ready to invest on the show’s second season.

What do you think will happen to Limitless? Will the fans’ love and support and the plot revelation be enough for a network to  pick it up and make a sequel?




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