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Limitless Season 2: Has The Fan Petition Worked?

Limitless Season 2 has been the bane on CBS’ shoulders. Though the first installment was loved by the viewers, the network has not said a word about a sequel. CBS is not new to the notion of fans demanding another season for a show.

Fans are rallying strongly for Limitless Season 2 as they are serious about having the show back! CBS went ahead and renewed other shows on its roster but Limitless did not get a nod. There were rumors running that the sci-fi thriller may be picked up by other channels.

Limitless Season 2: Petition gathers strength?

Fans took it upon themselves to do something to revive the show. A petition began, titled Renew Limitless for Season 2, and is now inviting fellow loyalists of the show to sign and put pressure on makers. Most lobbyists are requesting Netflix to pick up the show.

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Netflix was dragged into the mix as it had recently begun streaming the only series of the show.  The petition was filed under Care 2 Petitions and is slowly gathering momentum. It has about 35,000 signatures now.

Will Netflix pick up the show?

As support gathers steam, it might be quite a possibility that Netflix picks up the show. It could work well for them as there is enough buzz about it anyway. Season 1 started off with great numbers, however, the ratings floundered as the season progressed.

Executive Producer Craig Sweeny already made some plans for Limitless Season 2. The plot could revolve around lead character Brian if the season sees the light of the day. Brian is a keeper for the FBI as he holds the special ability to take the brain-enhancing AZT without experiencing deadly side effects.

Sweeny mentions to IGN, “I think that unless something were to change fairly drastically, there would be no place for him there. His utility to them is as somebody who can take NZT without the harmful side effects… so Brian’s time at the FBI is over.”

One has to wait and see if Limitless Season 2 would ever become a possibility and if the petition produces fruit.

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