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Limitless Season 2: CBS Might Revive It For Another Season

Since it was canceled last year, fans have been cajoling the CBS network to renew Limitless Season 2. CBS previously announced the cancellation of the show because of its poor performance in the TV ratings game.

But now, there are speculations that the TV series, based on the movie of the same title, is going to be renewed for another season. According to the latest reports, the production team is currently negotiating with various networks regarding the revival of the show for Season 2.

Limitless Season 2 to crossover with Breaking Bad

Another thing that might excite fans more? If recent reports are to be believed, it is highly likely that Limitless Season 2 will have a crossover with AMC’s Breaking Bad Season 6. Although this has yet to be confirmed, several industry players are said to be thrilled with the idea.

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Limitless Season 2

Screen cap from the Twitter page of Her Circumstance

This might mean that the production team is talking with AMC for Limitless Season 2. Since CBS is reportedly turning down the show for another season because of the “drug element,” the team is looking at other networks that are interested in the show.

In fact, the production team reportedly reached out to Netflix, which picked up Season 1 for its subscribers. The problem is, the network turned down the renewal of the second season, which might also be the reason why CBS decided to pull the rug from under the show. Netflix subscribers are reportedly so disappointed that they threatened to cancel their subscription.

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Petition is ongoing for Season 2

There is an ongoing online petition to cajole CBS and other networks to pick up Limitless for another season. As of December, the 40,000 target is only short by 2,000 signatures. Since Limitless clearly has a big following as evident by the petition, how come it has been canceled because of low ratings?

There are no complete details yet about Season 2, and whether or not a network has really picked it up. But if is, then a 2017 airing is not far off. Limitless Season 2 will reportedly still star the same cast—Jake McDorman, Jennifer Carpenter, Hill Harper, and even a cameo of Bradley Cooper.

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