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Law & Order: SVU ‘Donald Trump’ Diss Episode Is ‘Old’ And ‘Corny’

The Law & Order: SVU Donald Trump-themed episode is still without a release date. One of the crime series’ cast member shared his thoughts saying that it wasn’t one of their best shows. Well, read on to know what the shelved episode was all about and why it may never see the light of day.

Law & Order: SVU Donald Trump Episode Release Date News

NBC’s crime drama series Law & Order: SVU is apparently shelving its Donald Trump theme episode and the series’ main lead, Ice-T thinks it’s better that way. TVLine reports that the actor who plays Detective Tutolua in the series reveals that the episode was not “worth showing.”

“It wasn’t one of our best shows,” says the rapper. Moreover, Ice-T added that NBC executives have probably made a decision that airing the so-called “lost episode” might make the crime series “cheesy and corny.” Moreover, the storyline is already outdated, so showing it will not have any relevance to their viewers.

Vanity Fair reported that Law & Order: SVU’s lost episode is titled Unstoppable. The latter report noted that the storyline is about “a candidate who had found himself on the receiving end of sexual misconduct allegations.”

The outlet noted that the series’ executives intended to air the episode last Oct. 12. Unfortunately, the Unstoppable episode was moved to Oct. 26 and then later to Nov. 16. After that,  the network did not release any further updates about its air date.

However, in January, the source noted that Law & Order: SVU Executive Producer Dick Wolf told the press at the Television Critics Association that the said episode will be aired sometime this spring. Wolf ended his statement with uncertainty, which means the episode will remain unseen by Law & Order: SVU viewers.

Trump’s Episode A Little Too Close To Reality?

Meanwhile, the publication cited another probable reason why the Unstoppable episode will not air at all. According to the source, the POTUS and NBC still have longstanding ties with the former as Celebrity Apprentice’s executive producer. This reality show airs on NBC.

The outlet noted that for Ice-T, NBC probably realized that “life began to imitate art a little too close.” For the rapper, the management’s decision to air the episode does not matter. “I don’t know if they burned the shit or whatever. They paid me for it. I don’t give a f–k, really. I got my money!” said the actor.

What can you say about the Law & Order: SVU Donald Trump-themed episode, should they air it? Share your thoughts with us!

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