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Laverne Cox: Producers’ Transgender Son Inspired Them To Cast Actress In New Show

In the land of legal drama programs, many viewers have seen fierce actresses own the court. For instance, actress Viola Davis renders a jaw-dropping performance each time in ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder. Now, Laverne Cox, known to be a gender equality advocate, is slowly making her mark as she becomes the first transgender lead in CBS’ new legal drama series, Doubt. What is the show about and how is Cox stunning its viewers once again?

Laverne Cox Stars As First Transgender Lead Star In New Drama Series Doubt

Business Insider UK reveals that the main reason why the Orange Is The New Black star was put at the helm, wasn’t because she needed to just act like a trans. There is depth in her character and her role overpowers the facet of the character being transgender at all. She plays Cameron Wirth, a fiercely competitive attorney and Ivy League alumna who works at the same law firm as co-star Sadie Ellis (Katherine Heigl).

“I’m used to it being a trans character, being obviously trans, but I was reading it and I was like, ‘This character doesn’t seem trans,'” Cox said. In the premiere episode, it is made clear to viewers that Cameron is obviously trans. However, there is a much deeper story to it all.

“There’s one little line in the pilot where a client sort of makes a comment and we understand that Cameron is trans,” the 32-year-old actress said. “But then we move on from it. It doesn’t come up again.”

Laverne Cox: Doubt Producers Inspired By Transgender Son

Another report from Fast Co Create revealed that Grey’s Anatomy alums and creator of Doubt Tony Phelan and Joan Rater wrote the part with Cox specifically in mind.

“We knew she was an Orange, so we assumed that she was unavailable and we were ready to conduct a nationwide talent search to find the person who was going to play Cam,” Phelan tells the publication. However, pretty much as soon as CBS made an announcement about Doubt‘s pilot episode and the script went to agents, Cox’s people got in touch with the duo, saying “Look, this is Laverne’s role. She is going to fly herself from New York to LA to audition for you,” Phelan explains.

Interestingly, Cox also revealed that the real reason behind seeing a character like Cam was because the couple also loved someone who’s transgender.

“I love that Joan and Tony wanted to have a trans character on TV. I think it’s because they have someone they very much love in their lives who is trans. Their son, Tom,” Cox said. Rater even told the outlet her experience when her son told them he’s transgender.

“It was striking to me that once your son tells you he’s transgender, the next day I realize, he’s still the same person he was yesterday,” Rater added.

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