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KPop Dramas 2017: 5 Dramas Fans Can Look Forward To

The popularity of Korean dramas just keeps growing and growing. Many already reached worldwide recognition, like My Love From the Stars and Descendants of the Sun. And for KPop dramas 2017, it looks like this year will be a bigger one for Korean primetime.

With A-list cast members and completely relatable plots that can melt even the coldest of hearts, it’s no wonder many tune into Korean dramas. Check out these 5 upcoming KPop dramas 2017 that might become your next favorite!

The Upcoming KPop Dramas 2017

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While You Were Sleeping

It looks like Miss A’s Suzy Bae is on the roll with dramas recently! Bae just starred in Uncontrollably Fond with Kim Woo Bin. It was announced that Bae will be paired with Lee Jong Suk in their upcoming drama While You Were Sleeping. Many fans are already anticipating the show’s release. While You Were Sleeping is all about a woman with precognitive dreams and a prosecutor who helps stop her dreams from turning to reality.

Tomorrow With You

Fans remember Shin Min Ah as the female lead in Oh My Venus and My Girlfriend is A Nine-Tailed Fox. She makes a return to primetime with tvN’s Tomorrow With You. The show follows the life of a time traveler and his wife. Fans are already excited for the drama, especially when tvN released a trailer for it. Tomorrow With You is set to take over Goblin’s timeslot when it ends.

My Sassy Girl

Based on the iconic 2001 movie of the same name, SBS’ My Sassy Girl is expected to hit the screen in May 2017. Although there was a little controversy with the cast, fans are looking forward to how SBS recreated the hit movie. Set in Joseon dynasty, the drama follows the romance between a cold-hearted man and a clumsy princess.


SBS’ Defendant is not the typical romance KPop dramas 2017. Its trailer showcased an exciting, crime thriller that will get everyone on the edge of their seats. With its dark plot and actor Ji Sung as the lead, it’s no wonder fans are excited. Fans, get ready because Defendant will air on Jan. 23!

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

JTBC’s upcoming rom-com drama has caught the attention of many fans. The cast includes Ji Soo, Park Bo Young, and Park Hyung Sik. It follows the life of a woman who has massive physical strength. With a cute teaser released, the show is set to air sometime in February 2017.

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Korean Dramas: Why They Are Popular

It’s easy to see why Korean dramas are taking over the world. Most of the dramas are funny, light-hearted and portray that love can conquer all. There are also action and dark dramas like City HunterInnocent Man, and Temptation of Wife, which are nice breaks from the typical romance-comedy dramas.

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