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Joseph Morgan Not Part Of The X-Men TV Series; Gifted Title To Be Changed

The X-Men TV series, Gifted, has been teasing fanatics on who are the show’s cast members. Unfortunately for Joseph Morgan fans, the actor is not part of the cast of this new Fox series. While viewers may be warming up with the title, it looks like the creators are still planning to change it.

A few days ago, X-Men franchise producer Lauren Shuler Donner shared a photo of Gifted’s cast reading on her Twitter account. After this, fans scoured the web for more information about Fox’s new X-Men TV series.

Joseph Morgan Is NOT Included In Gifted’s Cast

IGN reported that looking closely in the photo, the outlet notes that The Originals’ lead actor Joseph Morgan is in attendance at the series’ cast reading session. The public quickly speculated that Morgan is part of the series. However, a further update from the source revealed that the actor is not in the casting, but was only filling in for someone else.

The publication reports that this statement further piqued the public’s interest in who Morgan filled in for and what will the actor’s role be. The source notes that the Gifted series’ confirmed cast members include Jamie Chung who will take on the role of the mutant Blink, Stephen Moyer as Reed, and Amy Packer portrays Moyer’s estranged wife in the series.

The publication reports that the plot for the X-Men series revolves around “a family who will join an underground mutant network after discovering that their children have special powers.” Furthermore, the source notes that Gotham star Natalie Alyn Lind will portray the role of Lauren, one of the mutant children.

The New X-Men TV Series’ Title To Change?

Meanwhile, Blastr reports that Gifted may not be the official title for this series. According to the outlet, as per an Entertainment Weekly article, Gifted is only the series’ working title. X-Men fans will have to wait and see whether the creators will stick with it or change it later on.

On the other hand, Natalie Alyn Lind shared a photo of the Fox series’ cast members and their mutant names as one of her Instagram stories. A fan took a screenshot of the photo and wrote this caption: “It’s official: @Blair_Redford is playing #Thunderbird!!!! Thank you, @MattNixTV!!! A lot!!!”

The latter report noted that Redford was one of the first actors to be cast in this series. However, the information on who will he portray in the series was scarce. Moreover, the only detail provided was that he’s name is Sam, the leader of the underground mutant resistance. It is also uncertain whether he will take on the role of John Proudstar. Meanwhile, some speculate that the showrunner probably created a brand-new Thunderbird for the series.

Gifted started rolling the cameras last March 13. Bryan Singer will direct the series. What can you say about Fox’s X-Men TV Series Gifted? Are you looking forward to watching it? Share your thoughts with us!

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