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Jawbreaker: Another 90s Reboot, Everything We Know So Far About The E! Series

Jawbreaker, a hit 90’s film, is soon going to be made into a series. Like many other series from the past that are getting a reboot, E! is going to revive this teen dark comedy film a bootup. It will be made into an hour-long scripted series.

The 1999 Jawbreaker film stars Rose McGowan, Rebecca Gayheart and Julie Benz. The teens fall into a series of troubles after a prank turns rouge. The fans can see the same premise in the reboot TV series.

Details Of E! Reboot Series On Jawbreaker

Jawbreaker Series will have Darren Stein and George Northy on board to co-write and executive-produce the reboot. They were a part of the original film. The series will be aired on Sony TV. As of now, Sony is producing the series but Universal Cable Productions may also join in.

Deadline reports that the premise of the reboot series will center on a bunch of friends from Beverly Hill who are hiding a secret. Things go downhill after a bachelorette party, and will see the friends try to hide a grave secret.

Jawbreaker was often compared to the Heathers as it has the same plot of female cast and the murder of one of the friends. Looking at the success of Mean Girls or Pretty Little Liars, it is a no-brainer that the plot will definitely have a preset bracket of viewers. Pretty Little Liars also revolved around the story of four friends who are fighting an anonymous enemy who threatens to reveal their darkest secrets. All of this happens as they are trying to uncover the secret of the murder of their best friend.

History Of Jawbreaker, The Film

Jawbreaker, the Film, hit the screens in February 1999. The movie did not enjoy good ratings, critical or financial success. Some of the websites even termed the movie as the worst movie of that year. One of the criticisms faced by the movie was that it looked more like the film Heathers and did not create its own identity.

Interestingly, Heathers is also getting a reboot as a TV series by TV Land, reports TV Line. The TV series will contain 10 episodes. The original star Shannen Doherty will be playing a “pivotal, unnamed” role in the reboot. The TV series is likely to hit screens in Fall 2017.

Both Jawbreaker and Heathers are black comedies and one can hope that history doesn’t repeat itself and one becomes the copy of another.

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