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Jane The Virgin Season 3: More About Zen Rafael And Jane’s Future

Jane The Virgin season 3 had fans still reeling after last week’s devastating episode. In Chapter Fifty Five, CW’s hit dramedy primarily showed Jane (Gina Rodriguez) coping after Michael’s shocking death. Meanwhile, Rafael (Justin Baldoni) is back at the Marbella after jail time. The characters are sure to experience big changes in their lives, as this week’s episode also jumps three years ahead from the last time fans saw their favorite police officer on the show.

Jane The Virgin Season 3: What’s Up With Zen Rafael?

Sporting a full beard, actor Justin Baldoni spoke that his character is set for a complete overhaul starting this week. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the 33-year-old actor opened up about Rafael’s changed personality. This week’s episode showed Rafael post-jail time in a completely new persona.

Throughout the episode, the once-uptight Mr. Solano has been replaced with a more carefree and jolly version of a new guy, sporting a full beard no less. He also got rid of the totally formal look and even promised to be by Jane’s side all the more. Interestingly, Rafael also has a new love in the form of Abby (Minka Kelly).

“A lot of fans were definitely shocked and hurt by what happened, and for a moment, it felt like Jane of Thrones,” the actor tells ET exclusively. “One of the beautiful things about the time jump, we didn’t have to change the tone of the show. You didn’t have to sit with Jane as she was grappling with becoming a widow, because it would be very hard to have laughs and comedy in there. If there’s any concern about what the show is going to become or why this happened, just don’t worry and come along for the ride because I promise you it’s just as good, if not, better than it ever has been. Except, we miss Brett Dier.”

Baldoni also explained how Rafael evolved to a better version of himself, after having gone through so many things in the last three years. “Rafael has a different outlook on life now. He’s really dedicated to being a father and supportive to his baby mamas. The behavior’s different, the reactions are different, and we’ll see how long that lasts because after all, it is Jane The Virgin,” Baldoni said.

Jane The Virgin Season 3: Jane’s Life Without Michael

Last week’s episode shook fans to the core when they bid goodbye to one of the show’s main characters. While show runner Jennie Urman revealed that Michael’s death was actually planned very early on, it did not soften the blow when the scene was aired.

In a report from Chron, Urman also explains that fans will get to see some scenes from Michael’s funeral in next week’s episode. “You’ll also see different moments from Jane’s recovery throughout the season,” Urman added.

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