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Jane The Virgin Season 3: Another Baby Possible For Jane And Michael!

Jane The Virgin season 3 is returning to the small screen! Exciting updates are making rounds with hints about Jane and Michael having another baby. What should you expect when the show returns? Continue reading on to find out!

Jane The Virgin season 3: Are Jane and Michael having their own baby?

TV Line reports that Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Michael (Brett Dier) could actually have their own baby soon. EP Jennie Urman tells the publication how the show will “start to build a real turning point in episode 10.” Interestingly, Urman also explains how the show’s return will mark the Jane and Michael expanding their family.

“[The second half of season 3] is going to start to come up in the next couple of episodes” Urman said. Further, she explains how the return will take some “very, very big swings and big steps forward” especially in the characters’ romantic affairs.

“One of those pairings will involve lovelorn Petra (Yael Grobglas)” as well as Rafael (Justin Baldoni) and Catalina’s (Sofia Pernas) “mysterious” scheme altogether.

Jane The Virgin season 3 spoilers: Rafael-Catalina love affair, Petra’s future

Before the show’s hiatus, there were many revelations, including Rafael’s true identity. Rafael finding out he isn’t a true Solano will “weigh heavily.” This will urge him to make choices that will leave a mark on other characters.

Despite the possibility of Jane causing any “complications,” since Rafael is now dating Jane’s cousin Catalina, Jane will make sure that Rafael knows she and Michael will always have his back.

Speaking about Rafael’s new relationship, Urman notes how Catalina is “just an opportunist.” Fans will see her true colors in the next episodes.

Meanwhile, Urman explains how Petra will just be “looking out for herself” when things start to unfold. She realizes that being nice doesn’t suit her as she ended up being paralyzed. After that traumatic and terrifying incident, Urman reveals that Petra has her own demons that she has to start to contend with.

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