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James Corden Surprised With Stephen Curry’s Vocals; Host Brings Late Night Show To UK

Stephen Curry surprised James Corden not only because he can carry a tune but because the NBA star knows the lyrics to Moana’s How Far I’ll Go and Frozen’s Love Is An Open Door. Meanwhile, Corden expressed his excitement to bring his late-night show to his hometown in England.

James Corden, Stephen Curry In Carpool Karaoke

Late night talk show host James Corden made a startling discovery: Stephen Curry can sing! People Magazine reported that the Golden State Warriors point guard was a guest at Corden’s Carpool Karaoke show and did he make an impression to the host.

The outlet noted that Corden picked up Curry from his basketball practice for an afternoon joyride. Curry revealed that he was keen to join Corden in his karaoke show but it was the host who was hesitant.

The British host commented that “everyone thinks they can do Carpool Karaoke.” However, for Corden, these personalities have to prove themselves to him. Moreover, they have to earn the right to do it.

The publication reported that after a few vocal warm-ups, Curry started belting out Moana’s How Far I’ll Go and he nailed every word in the song. Later, the duo did a duet of Frozen’s Love Is An Open Door where the NBA player sang Prince Han’s part in the song.

Corden admitted that Curry impressed him with his singing chops. The player revealed that he knows most of the Disney songs because of his daughter, Riley. Towards the end, Corden somewhat turned into a Curry fan because of the player’s many talents.

Corden’s Late Late Show Goes To London

In other James Corden news, CBS News reports that Corden will bring his Late Late Show to his hometown, England. The latter report noted that three of Corden’s late-night episodes will air at London’s historic Central Hall Westminster on June 6, 7 and 8. There is still no information on who will join the host as his special guest in the three episodes.

“To bring the Late Late Show to London is a dream come true for me,” says the host. Moreover, Corden said that he is proud of his show and he further expressed excitement that they plan to make his London trip memorable for his late night viewers.

James Corden took over the Late Late Show from Craig Ferguson in September 2014. However, he only premiered as the show’s host on March 23, 2015. From then, the show has been nominated seven times of which the show won three awards.

The Late Late Show with James Corden airs every day on CBS. Who do you think will Corden have as guests on his London episodes? Share your thoughts with us!

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