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Iwan Rheon As Adolf Hitler Might Give Us A Reason To Love This Menace

We all know Iwan Rheon as the sadistic villain in Game of Thrones, Ramsay Bolton. After being the most hated character for 4 seasons, he still couldn’t get enough and now he surprises us with a new despicable role- Iwan Rheon as Adolf Hitler. Sky Arts recently released the trailer for their upcoming comedy series, Urban Myths which features eight stories of historical figures.

Stories about these figures circulate online like how Muhammad Ali helped a stranger on a verge of committing suicide. Iwan Rheon acts as the young Adolf Hitler in an art school with Rupert Grint as his best friend. The truth behind these events remain unknown but they ignite our imagination and that’s good enough for a TV series.

Iwan Rheon as Adolf Hitler Tells The Failure That Led To His Tyranny?

We cannot like or even accept Adolf Hitler, no, not in a million years. However, one look at the trailer and we’re already betraying our principles. Imagine that when this show hits big, your conversation with a friend goes like this:

You: Hey, have you seen the latest episode of Urban Myths?

Friend: Yeah dude. Adolf Hitler is damn funny! He’s my favorite!

Urban Myths promises a series of standalone stories which will leave us laughing until our sides hurt or silently giggling to the dark humor that kids today will never understand. The trailer shows Rupert Grint supporting his friend Hitler but he often fails to do so. Stories about how Hitler aspired to become an artist made many to believe that his frustration led to his cruelty.

Stories about how Hitler aspired to become an artist made many to believe that his frustration led to his cruelty. Some even went as far as saying that if only his artworks were accepted, he wouldn’t have turned out to be the terrifying dictator of all time.

Michael Jackson, Muhammad Ali, Sex Pistols and Many More!

Although still in the works, Sky Arts confirmed a second season for the upcoming comedy series. One of the storylines imagines Michael Jackson and friends Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando escaping together from the Sept. 11 attacks. Another shows the story behind the Sex Pistols’ infamous interview on the Bill Grundy show. Muhammad Ali saving a stranger using his own wisdom also promises a witty and uplifting show.

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