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Imposters Season 1 Episode 4: Maddie Meets Lenny Cohen; Uma Thurman Joins Show

Bravo’s newest dark comedy series Imposters is slowly picking up the pace. Now with its fourth episode underway, things are getting more exciting! Interestingly, Hollywood star Uma Thurman has been roped in to join the show as the infamous Lenny Cohen. What should fans expect when Imposters season 1 episode 4 airs this week? Read on to find out!

Imposters Season 1 Episode 4: Lenny Cohen Visits Seattle

According to a report from Entertainment Online, actress Uma Thurman is set to appear in the next episode. Thurman plays Lenny Cohen, the ultimate fixer who was hired by The Doctor. With Maddie (Inbar Lavi) being distracted while fulfilling her con duties, Cohen pays her a visit and even “quickly loses her patience” when she finds out about Patrick (Stephen Bishop).

Thurman is said to pack the intensity (and of course, star power) to Bravo’s newest show about con artists. Thurman joins the existing roster of stars, including Rob Heaps (Ezra Bloom), Parker Young (Richard), and Marriane Rendon (Jules).

While Heaps doesn’t share any scenes with the Kill Bill star, he said that he was on the set while Thurman was filming.

“Uma had this amazing scene with Inbar, and I think that’s one of the best things I’ve seen her do,” Heaps said. “She’s so u for it!” Thurman’s role will definitely be a trip down memory lane, seeing her play a total badass onscreen much like Beatrix Kiddo aka The Bride.

Imposters Episode 4 Spoilers: Is Maddie Falling In Love?

Interestingly, International Business Times reports how the upcoming episode could pose as a threat to Maddie’s line of work. As a con artist, she tricks rich people to fall in love with her then leaves them abruptly. However, with Maddie now assuming a new persona, dubbed Saffron, she seems to be losing sight of her true objective as she spends more time with Patrick.

While it’s unclear how Lenny will set things straight for Maddie, it won’t be surprising if she resorts to hurting the techie. Fans will remember that Sally (Katherine LaNasa) told Maddie that the Doctor once sent someone to beat up the man she fell in love with, while she was on a mission.

Meanwhile, the trio (Ezra, Richard, and their newest member Jules) figured that Maddie may have gone to a school in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, so they set out to find if they can locate anything connected to their ex-lover.

Imposters season 1 episode 4, dubbed Cohen. Lenny Cohen airs on Monday, Feb. 28 at 10 PM on Bravo.

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