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Impastor Cast No More; Fans Launch Petition To Bring Back The TV Show

Impastor cast will no longer be seen on the small screen after TV Land announced the show’s cancellation after two seasons. In the age where comedy shows become a hit or miss, Impastor was one of those you’d enjoy binge watching.

As a follower of the series, it makes me wonder why the thought of ever cancelling this show was even a possibility. Read on to know more, if there’s any hope to the show being picked up by a different network.

Impastor cast tells the story of con man Buddy Dobbs

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On the show, main character Buddy Dobbs (Michael Rosenbaum) was introduced to be a slacker who had a huge gambling problem. He thinks there’s no way out so he decides to jump off a bridge to end it all. However, a reverend who was driving by tried to stop him and the plan took a different turn. Buddy’s suicide plan fails immensely when the pastor suddenly slips off the bridge and ends up the one being dead.

The interesting part of the show starts when Buddy assumes the pastor’s identity and takes up all the holy responsibilities required of him. As a gambler, a sex maniac, and an overall cheeky-naughty guy, Impastor definitely had so much promise in telling an interesting story.

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Impastor cast no longer to be seen on TV: No closure!

Despite the show’s positive feedback from its fans, this was not enough to get the show to air its third season. In fact, TV Line reported that the show continuously received low ratings. If you’d like to rub salt on an Impastor‘s fan’s wounds, you could even check the data here, courtesy of TV Series Finale.

Impastor‘s second season finale even afforded a really great cliffhanger when the budding love story between Buddy and Alexa (Mircea Monroe) took a different turn. What was once a promising relationship turned out to be a catastrophe when viewers found out that Alexa was cuckoo! Despite hinting on Alexa’s mysterious past, I am pretty sure no one thought of her as a murderer! And a conniving baddie, at that!

Though the news was first announced on Impastor‘s Twitter account, fans were quick to express their disappointment and shock that the show was cancelled.

Right now, those who tuned in to the show can only hope that a different network picks up the show. It’s so rare to watch comedy shows nowadays that do not appeal on such a low form of humor. So, Impastor cast should be ready if another network opens their timeslots for them. On a lighter note, fans also launched a petition to bring back Impastor.

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