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Hunter x Hunter News, Update, Release Date: Original Creator Rumored To Leave; Manga’s Future Uncertain

Hunter x Hunter news have been making rounds owing to the rumored replacement of the manga’s original creator. Due to the long hiatus, a big decision to remove Yoshihiro Togashi is now being worked on.

At the moment, there have been names given out to replace Togashi. But with the shift to a new creator and visionary for the manga, what does the future hold for the show’s loyal fans?

Hunter x Hunter news: Who will now pen the manga?

Rumors are rife that Togashi’s failure to comply with his bosses’ requirements is making his exit easier. With fans waiting on new chapters and not getting any updates for almost two years, it has come to a point where Togashi is said to be replaced.

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A report from Jobs & Hire revealed that Togashi took numerous leaves since 2006 due to “undisclosed illnesses” that caused massive delay. That said, manga publisher Shueisha Inc. then decided to look into having a new graphic artist for Hunter x Hunter.

Meanwhile, Gamenguide states that there are now two popular manga creators being considered to take the helm. The first being Sui Ishada, the visionary behind Tokyo Ghoul who also won the Young Jump 113th Grand Prix Award. Together with Ishada, Sailor Moon creator Naoko Takeuchi is also being considered for the post.

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Hunter x Hunter news: Will Replacement Affect Storyline?

After Togashi’s alleged exit, many speculate that whoever between Ishada or Takeuchi, would not affect the storyline that much. In fact, both artists have similar experiences working for the fantasy genre. However, some critics still oppose this claim saying that Togashi’s has always been more “lighthearted” in his work whereas Tokyo Ghoul explores more of the darker side of anime.

Nevertheless, the Sailor Moon creator also has a lot to offer if she takes Togashi’s place. Takeuchi has sold 35 million copies of her work worldwide and has also been a recipient of the Kodansha Manga Award.

With the big decision happening behind the scenes, fans are still eager for Hunter x Hunter chapter 361 to happen. While there has been no confirmed announcement, many are hopeful that the rumored release date February 2017 will still happen.

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