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Hulu’s Castle Rock Set To Give Stranger Things A Run For Its Money

J.J. Abrams has a message for his fans. “What is the hoax in the forest?“, he asks, before giving the Youtube link for Castle Rock announcement teaser.

The Star Wars director is taking a special interest in TV series off late, it seems. The testament to this fact is his involvement with HBO’s Westworld and now, Castle Rock. Case in point, the eponymous series from Stephen King’s works will feature on Hulu. Not the first time that King and Abrams are coming together for a Hulu project, however. James Franco thriller, 11.22.63, saw a similar collaboration, drawing inspiration of King’s novel of the same name.

Castle Rock: Announcement Teaser

Hulu is leaving no stones unturned in the process of bridging the gap with Netflix’s popularity. The streaming giant had an astounding success with Stranger Things last year and are gearing up for the subsequent season too. Not to mention, Stranger Things drew inspiration from King’s novel. Steven Spielberg, along with King’s impeccable story-telling, paved way for an all-new retro-esque series that is inspiring many other since.

The Twitter account of J.J. Abrams home production, Bad Robot Production, took a rather aberrant announcement approach. An ominous and cryptic message followed by a Youtube link for a teaser video set the ball rolling, to put it briefly. The line used for the announcement is from one of many King’s short stories the series delves into. The name of the series, too, is from a recurring fictional place from the acclaimed novelist.

Manhattan creator Sam Shaw and Dusty Thomason will handle the screenplay duties, reports Deadline. Also, Bad Robot and Warner Bros will put their money on the Hulu project, apart from Hulu itself. That’s as far as the official details on Castle Rock, so far. The teaser begins with the snippets of audio from King’s short story adaptations. Furthermore, using the similar fonts as that of Stranger Things, which in turn was inspired by the original fonts from King’s books.

Stranger Things‘ Parallels

Most of King’s novels share a common fictional setting, something most of King’s fans would sure testify to. Considering how J.J. Abrams announces the series and by the look of the teaser, there are strong parallels with Netflix’s Stranger Things. Castle Rock’s plot might revolve around eclectic narratives spawn out of the plethora of King’s short stories too. The similarities with Stranger Things remains overt, nonetheless.

One thing for certain, the announcement, the teaser and the people involved is setting the right rhythm for the series. References from Salem’s Lot, Misery and It was apparent in the teaser which raises the ante in itself. Stranger Things‘ overwhelming popularity and reception is seemingly a key factor in the making of such series. However, it’s a long road before the series premieres on Hulu.

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