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How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Updates: Wes’ Killer Suspects Revealed; Cast React to Shocking Finale

ABC’s hit drama How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 has once again stunned its audience with its captivating storyline. Everyone knew someone was going to die this season, and last episode finally made the big reveal. At last, everyone knew who was under the sheet; and sadly, it was no other than Wes Gibbons (Alfred Enoch) who bid the show goodbye.

[WARNING: This post contains spoilers!]

Wes’ Death Was A Tough Call?

Show creator Pete Nowalk has a knack for teasing fans and dropping the bomb when they least expect it. This was no different when he made the decision to kill off a major character, but he admitted that he had a difficult time breaking the news to Enoch.

“It’s the hardest decision I’ve had to make on the show, but he smiled and told me he thought it was a good idea, which made me want to say ‘No its not! I’m changing my mind!’ Alfie is just the most gracious, professional, generous person. He instantly felt bad for the rest of the cast because they are all so close and he felt it’s almost easier to be in his shoes,” Nowalk said.

In a report from PEOPLE, Nowalk even explained that he “felt like a jerk” when he didn’t tell the other cast members who he planned to kill off. In fact, it was only during the show’s seventh episode when he decided he was taking off Wes from the Keating 5 roster.

“I put them through a weird experience where they would just find things out at table reads. It was kind of an awful reality show we put them through. I think they were obviously very upset,” he said.

Cast Members React to That Shocking Death!

As heartbreaking as it was for the viewers to see one of their favorite characters gone, it was reported that the cast even had a harder time dealing with the news. Entertainment Weekly reports that the exclusive visit on the Shonda-land drama set was as bleak as the last episode of How to Get Away with Murder Season 3.

Viola Davis (who plays the legendary Annalise Keating) recalls the episode to be “devastating,” while Liza Weil (who plays Bonnie) shared how, even though they knew someone was getting killed off, it still proved to be “extremely upsetting.”

According to co-star Karla Souza, the cast even begged for the truth after being kept in the dark until just before the show’s late September debut. “Everyone’s betting, but it’s your livelihood and it’s not that great to be creative in that mindset,” Souza says.

How to Get Away with Murder Season 3: Who Killed Wes?

Nowalk previously mentioned that Connor (Jack Falahee) could be Wes’ real killer. In the same interview, he said that the scene where Connor was seen sleeping with Oliver’s (Conrad Ricamora) recent flame, happened before the house fire. That said, he could afford time to murder Wes even before the fire started.

It was also revealed that Wes went to the police station even before the house fire started so he is not the anonymous source that pointed Annalise (Viola Davis) as the suspect.

If one thing’s for sure, everyone is still trying to collect themselves after last episode. With a little over a month to go before the series returns, do you think Wes’ killer is one of the Keating 5?

How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 is back on the small screens Thursdays, starting Jan. 19.

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