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How To Get Away With Murder Finale: Jack Falahee Gives Hints About Who Killed Wes

It is not unusual for Jack Falahee (Connor Walsh) to feel the ire of fans against his character every now and then. As How To Get Away With Murder finale aired on Thursday, we’re also left with more questions than answers. One of the earlier questions we had to answer was whether or not Connor was behind Wes Gibbins’ (Alfred Enoch) death.

When it aired Thursday, the show had a two-hour season finale that brought conclusion to Wes’ death (hopefully). The teaser from last week’s episode left us wondering about Connor’s involvement in Wes’ murder. His alibi (being with Thomas) apparently didn’t hold up because he was very much with Wes the night he died.

How To Get Away With Murder Finale Will Bring Us Answers

Connor has always been the most critical of Wes and Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) in the group. It comes from his branding of Wes as the reason why they were put in “this” predicament. Now that we saw the How To Get Away With Murder finale, Connor will face the toughest critic of all–the fans.

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While, at first, many believed it’s possible he was the one who killed Wes, the theories were quickly dismissed because Connor had an alibi. But as shown in the preview, Connor was in Annalise’s house the night of the fire. Worst, he was seen giving CPR on an unconscious or dead Wes.

Falahee said that he was Snapchatting his friend’s concert when kids suddenly started sending him Snaps of “I hate Connor so much!” That’s when he realized it was a Friday and the show was on just last Thursday. The fans have surely seen Connor trying to revive Wes.

But what confused Falahee was the amount of hatred he has been receiving. The teaser clearly saw Connor trying to save Wes, so he didn’t understand why people are hating on his character. Falahee hinted that fans shouldn’t be too quick about branding Connor as a murderer. If anything, the actor believed his character should be a “hero” for trying to save Wes.

The Last We’ve Seen Of Wes

The finale episode will be the last we will see of Enoch’s character. He won’t be a part of Season 4 anymore, unless if flashbacks will somehow include him in the story. We doubt very much that all of our questions will be answered this finale.

We now know who killed Wes in How To Get Away With Murder Finale. Still, we are left with so many questions that we don’t think we can survive months of these cliffhangers.

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