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How I Met Your Mother Spinoff: Why Do Some Say It Will Fail

How I Met Your Mother spinoff news is plastered all across the entertainment headlines. The fact that the spinoff is still being called as with reference to the original TV series and not with its new name suggests something. Of course, it will take time for this new concept to grow on fans across the world.

There are no speculations about How I Met Your Mother spinoff anymore. It is a done deal! Hit show This Is Us writers are coming in together to make the new TV series possible. The new show will have no resemblance/connection to the original plot. Not many have embraced the idea of this spinoff altogether!

How I Met Your Mother Spinoff: Why The Disconnect?

It was announced that How I Met Your Mother Spinoff aka How I Met Your Father will revolve around the story of a female protagonist. It will be a story of how the lead character finds the love of her life. Once the concept idea was out, fans started wondering how well it would work out.

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Some of the reasons for the disconnect could be the alienation of the original show characters. There will be no Ted, no Robin no Barney and no Marhsall and Lily. Like mentioned earlier, it would take some time for fans to give that place to new characters. If the setting is in a bar, then it is going to be an uphill task. Imagine having a bunch of “new friends” sitting on Central Perk couch.

Factors Working For the Spinoff

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CBS did try to push the same concept earlier. Digital Spy reports that HIMYM creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays made a pilot episode for How I Met Your Dad. However, at that time not many networks were keen to take it forward including Netflix.

One of the factors that could work for How I Met Your Mother Spinoff is the presence of new writers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger. Both of them have been highly appreciated for their stellar writing for hit TV series This Is Us. One can expect some magic to be added to the project once they come in.

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