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How I Met Your Mother Spinoff Rumored To Be Underway; Get The Scoop!

How I Met Your Mother spinoff rumors have activated the fans of the series all around the world. The iconic TV series was able to give TV audience some memorable characters. And the story of the five friends now seems to be getting another show soon.

Honestly, the idea of spinoff is sometimes to just keep a series and its character alive in the minds of the audience. How I Met Your Mother spinoff may not have any of the characters from the original series but, it will be presented in a new perspective. Having the iconic series’ name attached to the spinoff might bring a huge viewership.

How I Met Your Mother Spinoff: New Perspective?

How I Met Your Mother spinoff will be more bent on presenting the perspective of a female. The new show’s theme may flow more like How I Met Your Dad. If one hopes to see the same characters from the show, they may be disappointed. The spinoff series will have new characters and new writers.

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Coming on board with the project would be writers from This Is Us, namely co-executive producers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger. Deadline reports that the script is still in the process of being written. There are high chances the new script may completely steer away from the original one.

Well, one can hope that the end of this new script does not create an uproar. Who can forget the sentiments of loyal fans when they were highly disappointed with the ending of How I Met Your Mother. Some fans went to the extreme of making an alternate ending to the series.

Will The New Series Take Off Successfully?

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It may take time for the fans of the show to completely embrace the spinoff. After all, it comes on the heels of one of the favorite sitcoms in the world. There is definitely pressure of delivering a good series- one that doesn’t hurt the legacy that has already been made.

Will How I Met Your Mother spinoff or How I Met Your Dad be as popular and loved as How I Met Your Mother? Comment Below!

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